~Plot Synopsis~
Parisian music hall celebrity Mignon (Louise Glaum) marries young American civil engineer John
Stanley (Matt Moore). When John is suddenly assigned to undertake an engineering project in the
Sahara, Mignon accompanies him and her son (Pat Moore) to the desert, although she is
accustomed to a life of frivolity. After months of discontent, Mignon leaves her husband and son for
Russian Baron Alexis (Edwin Stevens), who establishes her in a palace in Cairo. John is
brokenhearted, and becomes a drug addict. Mignon later runs across her husband and son who have
become beggars. She is filled with remorse and goes back to the desert to nurse her husband. John
recovers slowly, reconciles with his wife, and the family finds happiness together.  

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Directed by: Arthur Rosson

Written by: C. Gardner Sullivan - story (scenario)

Louise Glaum ...  Mignon
Matt Moore ...  John Stanley
Edwin Stevens ...  Baron Alexis
Pat Moore ...  The Boy
Nigel De Brulier ...  Mustapha
Ernest Pasque ...  Undetermined Role (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: J. Parker Read Jr. Productions

Distribution Company: W.W. Hodkinson (through)
Pathé Exchange

Produced by: Allan Dwan, W.W. Hodkinson &
J. Parker Read Jr.
Cinematography by: Charles J. Stumar
Art Titles: I.J. Martin

Length: 6-7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: June 29, 1919
~Nelson Evans Portrait from "Sahara" Photograph of Louise Glaum, autographed by Louise to her
sister Phyllis~
~Louise Glaum & Edwin Stevens~
~Louise Glaum, Matt Moore, Nigel De Brulier & Edwin Stevens~
~Louise Glaum~
~Louise Glaum~
~2: Edwin Stevens & Louise Glaum~
~41: Louise Glaum, Matt Moore, Nigel De Brulier and Edwin Stevens~
~51: Louise Glaum and unknown~