~Ruth Chatterton~

Born: December 24, 1892 in New York City, New York, USA
Died: November 24, 1961 in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
Ruth Chatterton was a dignified, sophisticated, brittle, blonde leading lady. At age 12, she debuted
on stage in a stock production, reached Broadway by age 18, then triumphed at 20 as the star of
Daddy Long Legs. She didn't break into films until her mid-30s, starting with Sins of the Fathers
(1928) opposite Emil Jannings. She was subsequently nominated for "Best Actress" Oscars for her
work in Madame X (1929) and Sarah and Son (1930), but is perhaps best remembered as Walter
Huston's spoiled, selfish wife in Dodsworth (1936), after the making of which she left Hollywood.
She went on to appear in two British productions, then retired from the screen. She continued a
successful and variety-filled career on the stage, once directing a play but more usually starring in
Broadway productions. She authored a Broadway play, Monsieur Brotonneau (1930), as well as
several novels in the '50s. Chatterton was also a licensed pilot who flew her own plane
cross-country. She was married three times, each time to an actor: Ralph Forbes (1924-32), George
Brent (1932-34), and Barry Thomson (1942-his death in 1960).

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