~Rose of Nome~
~L19-18: William Scott, Herbert Prior & Gladys Brockwell~
~Plot Synopsis~
Rose Donnay flees from a life of abuse from her drunken and brutal husband Tim. Accompanying
her is Jack Hilton, who unknown to Rose, shoots Tim after stealing his money. They venture to
Nome where Hilton opens a dance hall in which Rose functions as the main attraction. Soon Rose
discovers Hilton's unfaithfulness and leaves him. Meanwhile, Anatole Norss falls in love with the
disillusioned Rose. When Bill Carnon, a member of the Canadian mounted police, appears on the
trail of Donnay's killer, Hilton, terror-stricken, rushes to Rose's cabin, shoots the Mountie and
forces Rose to accompany him by kidnapping the child that she had adopted. Anatole follows with
his faithful sled dog Patches, overtakes Hilton and kills him, thus freeing Rose to marry her rescuer.

Plot Synopsis by AFI.com
Directed by: Edward LeSaint

Written by:   
Barbara La Marr - story
Paul Schofield - scenario

Gladys Brockwell ...  Rose Donnay
William Scott ...  Anatole Norss
Herbert Prior ...  Jack Hilton
Gertrude Ryan ...  Naomi Coles
Edward Peil Sr. ...  Tim Donnay
Stanton Heck ...  Bill Carnon
Frank Thorne ...  Joseph Boardman
Lule Warrenton ...  Quita
Georgia Woodthorpe ...  Madam Chartreau
~Remaining Credits~

Produced and Directed by: Fox Film Corporation

Cinematography by: Harry B. Harris    

Length: 5 Reels
Released: April 1920