~Romeo And Juliet~
~Plot Synopsis~
~A Plot Synopsis for "Romeo and Juliet," is coming soon!~
Directed by:
Reggie Morris
Harry Sweet

Ben Turpin
Alice Day
Jack Curtis
Vernon Dent
Natalie Kingston
Billy Bevan   
Dot Farley  
Leo Sulky
Bud Ross
Jack Ackroyd
Louise Carver  
Roger Moore
Marvin Loback
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Mack Sennett Comedies

Distribution Company: Pathé Exchange

Produced by: Mack Sennett
Cinematography by: George Crocker & George Unholz
Film Editing by: William Hornbeck
Production Supervisor: F. Richard Jones
Assistant Director: Jack Wagner
Special Cinematographer: Ernie Crockett

Length: 2 Reels
Runtime: 10 Minutes
Released: August 3, 1924