~Richard The Lion-Hearted~
~Wallace Beery & Kathleen Clifford~
~Plot Syopsis~
Since Wallace Beery stood out as King Richard in Douglas Fairbanks' Robin Hood, it wasn't too much
of a leap to cast him as the king once again in this adventure, based on the novel, The Talisman, by
Sir Walter Scott. The story follows Richard the Lion-Hearted as he leads his Crusaders into the Holy
Land. Although Sir Kenneth, Knight of the Leopard (John Bowers) once saved the king's life, he has
since been disgraced because of a misunderstanding involving Queen Berengaria (Kathleen Clifford).
Disguised as a slave he has returned to the king's service. Sultan Saladin (Charles Gerrard), leader of
the Saracens, lures Richard away from camp and sends his men in to attack. But Sir Kenneth puts on
his armor, saves the queen and Lady Edith, the king's niece (Marguerite de la Motte), and once again
raises his standing with the king. When it is discovered that Kenneth is actually the brother of the
king of Scotland, he is able to marry Lady Edith.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com

Adventures of King Richard when he travels with Queen Berangaria, the knights and ladies of his
court, and his army of crusaders to Palestine to fight Sultan Saladin and the Saracen hordes for
possession of the Holy Land.

Plot Synopsis from AFI.com
Directed by: Chester Withey

Written by:
Sir Walter Scott - novel
Frank E. Woods - writer

Wallace Beery ...  King Richard the Lion-Hearted
Charles K. Gerrard ...  Sultan Saladin
Kathleen Clifford ...  Queen Berengaria
Marguerite De La Motte ...  Lady Edith Plantagenet
John Bowers ...  Sir Kenneth, Knight of the Leopard
Clarence Geldart ...  Conrade, Marquis of Montserrat
Wilbur Higby ...  Sir Thomas de Vaux
Tully Marshall ...  Archbishop of Tyre
Melbourne MacDowell ...  Undetermined Role
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Allied Producers
Associated Authors

Distribution Company: Allied Producers & Distributors Corporation

Produced by:
Thompson Buchanan
Elmer Harris
Clark W. Thomas
Frank E. Woods
Music by: William Axt
Cinematography by: Joseph Walker  
Musical Synopsis by: James C. Bradford
Historical Research: Arthur Woods

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: October 15, 1923