~Dolores Del Rio & Rod La Rocque~

Rod La Rocque ...  Prince Dimitry Ivanitch Nekhludov
Dolores del Rio ...  Katyusha Maslova
Rita Carewe
Marc McDermott ...  Major Schoenboch
Lucy Beaumont ...  Aunt Sophya
Vera Lewis ...  Aunt Marya
Clarissa Selwynne ...  Princess Olga Ivanovitch Nekhludof
Eve Southern ...  Princess Sonia Korchagin
Ilya Tolstoy ...  The Old Philosopher (as Count Ilya Tolstoy)
Directed by: Edwin Carewe

Written by:
Edwin Carewe  - adaptation
Finis Fox  - writer
Tom Miranda  - titles
Ilya Tolstoy  - adaptation

Based on the novel  Voskraeseniye (Resurrection)  by Leo Tolstoy
(Moscow, 1899).
Previously filmed three times (in America, at least), Leo Tolstoy's mammoth novel Resurrection was
once more brought to the screen in 1927. Dolores Del Rio plays the beleaguered heroine Katusha,
who is seduced and abandoned early in the proceedings by the callous Prince Dmitri (Rod LaRocque).
Years later, Dmitri is summoned to serve as a juror on a murder trial. Imagine his surprise when he
discovers that the defendant is none other than poor Katusha! At first hypocritically suggesting that
she find comfort in God, the conscience-stricken Dmitri follows Katusha into exile in Siberia, where at
last he "does right" by the girl. The screenwriters made a noble effort to capture the philosophical
asides of the original novel, but this proved difficult in a silent film. Director Edwin Carewe remade
Resurrection in 1931, again with a Mexican actress, Lupe Velez, in the lead; the story was then
retooled in 1934 as the Anna Sten vehicle We Live Again and in 1961 was refilmed under its original
title in the USSR.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Prince Dimitri comes from St. Petersburg to spend the summer in a rural district and falls in love with
Katusha, an orphaned peasant girl who works for his relatives. Later, en route to the
Turkish-Russian front, Dimitri's regiment bivouacs near the village, and Katusha secretly yields to his
passion; her condition soon arouses the suspicions of her aunt, and she is sent from the home in
disgrace. Bereft by the death of her child, Katusha is eventually reduced to prostitution as a
livelihood, and she finds herself imprisoned on a charge of poisoning and robbing a merchant.
Dimitri, summoned to the jury at her trial, feels his responsibility and agrees to marry her. Though
innocent of the crime, she is banished to Siberia; their old love is rekindled, but she refuses to
become his wife and bears exile alone.

Plot Synopsis by AFI.com
~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company:
Edwin Carewe Productions &
Inspiration Pictures

Distributed by: United Artists

Produced by: Edwin Carewe  
Cinematography by: Robert Kurrle    
Film Editing by: Jeanne Spencer    
Special Effects by: Frank H. Booth
Second Camera Operator: Al Green
Military Advisor: Michael Pleschkoff
Literary Advisor: Ilya Tolstoy

Length: 10 Reels
Runtime: 100 Minutes
Released: March 19, 1927