~Restless Souls~
~670-15: Harvey Clark & Alma Rubens~
~670-6: Jack Conway, Alma Rubens & J. Barney Sherry~
~670-19: Kathryn Adams, J. Barney Sherry & Jack Conway~

Alma Rubens ...  Marion Gregory
Kathryn Adams ...  Judith Wingate (as Katherine Adams)
Jack Conway ...  Hugh Gregory
Harvey Clark ...  Chester Wingate
J. Barney Sherry ...  Dr. Robert Calvert
Eugene Burr ...  Oliver Sloan
~670-27: Kathryn Adams & Jack Conway~
Directed by: William C. Dowlan

Written by: Cosmo Hamilton - writer

Based on the short story "Restless Souls" by Cosmo Hamilton (publication
~Plot Synopsis~
Marion Gregory (Alma Rubens) is not happy with her life as the wife of a struggling inventor (Jack
Conway). When Dr. Calvert (J. Barney Sherry), the minister who married them, introduces Marion
to the rich Wingates, her dissatisfaction grows. What she doesn't realize is that Mrs. Wingate
(Katherine Adams) is having an affair, as is Mr. Wingate (Harvey Charles). Marion is invited to
spend some time at the Wingates' summer home. She arrives, alone, which is just what Mrs.
Wingate wants -- she encourages Mr. Wingate's interest in the young woman, so she can divorce
him. This visit, however, has been a revelation to Marion. She now sees the dark side of society life
and realizes how fortunate she really was. Mrs. Wingate's attempts to compromise her husband are
unsuccessful, thanks to the intervention of Dr. Calvert, and Marion gladly returns to her husband.
This picture was based on a story by Cosmo Hamilton, who was famous for exposing the phony side
of the society set.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com

Judith Wingate has married for wealth, but desires love, while her friend Marion Gregory has
married for love, but longs for wealth. Chester Wingate refuses to grant Judith a divorce, even
though he is having an affair and Judith has taken wealthy Oliver Sloan for a lover. Marion grows
impatient with her husband, inventor Hugh Gregory, who promises her wealth at the completion of
his submarine invention for the United States government. Judith invites Marion for a weekend
sojourn, with the intention of entrapping Chester with Marion. When Marion rejects Chester's
advances, Oliver attempts to win her favor. Judith enters Marion's room hoping to expose her
husband, but finds instead her lover in a compromising position. Hugh believes that Marion has
been unfaithful, and the success of his invention is little consolation until minister Robert Calvert
proves Marion's innocence. Marion returns to the man she married for love with a new appreciation
of him, and with a new view of the idle rich.

Plot Synopsis from AFI.com
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Triangle Film Corporation

Distribution Company: Triangle Distributing

Length: 6 Reels
Released: February 2, 1919
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