~Reginald Barker~

Born: April 2, 1886 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Died: February 23, 1945 in Los Angeles, California, USA
~This rare Hartsook portrait photograph was an
autographed photo give to Silent Film Vamp
Louise Glaum by Director Reginald Barker~
Scottish-born director Reginald Barker arrived in the US at age 10; five years later he made his first
acting appearance in a suburban Los Angeles stock company. Hired as a general purpose actor by
producer Thomas Ince in 1913, Barker soon worked his way up to assistant director. Ince was
notorious for credit-grabbing, so it's difficult to determine how much uncredited work Barker did
during his first few years with the producer. Barker was assigned to guide western star William S.
Hart through his first major film On the Night Stage (1914), the success of which assured the young
director future work on plum assignments. Most of his projects were red-blooded melodramas and
westerns, though he occasionally dealt with humorous subjects, notably the 1920 Bunty Pulls the
Strings (based on a stage hit imported from his native Scotland). In 1929, Barker was engaged by
RKO to make the first sound version of Seven Keys to Baldpate; the film was designed as a testing
ground for RKO's new sound-effects division, and served its purpose brilliantly. After Baldpate,
however, Barker inexplicably fell from favor. His last assignments -- The Moonstone (1934), Women
Must Dress (1935) et al. -- were for the "poverty row" Monogram studio.

Biography by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~

New Orleans (1929)
The Toilers (1928)
Body and Soul (1927) ... Movie Still Code: 299-X
The Frontiersman (1927)
The Flaming Forest (1926)
When the Door Opened (1925)
The White Desert (1925)
The Great Divide (1925)
The Dixie Handicap (1925)
Broken Barriers (1924)
Women Who Give (1924)
Pleasure Mad (1923)
The Eternal Struggle (1923)
... aka Masters of Women (USA: alternative title)
Hearts Aflame (1923)
The Storm (1922)
The Poverty of Riches (1921)
The Old Nest (1921)
Snowblind (1921)
Bunty Pulls the Strings (1921)
Godless Men (1920)
The Branding Iron (1920)
The Woman and the Puppet (1920)
Dangerous Days (1920)

The Girl from Outside (1919)
Bonds of Love (1919)
Flame of the Desert (1919)
... aka The Flame of the Desert (USA)
The Crimson Gardenia (1919)
The Stronger Vow (1919)
The Rustlers (1919)
The Brand (1919)
Shadows (1919)
The Hell Cat (1918)
... aka The Wild Cat
The Turn of the Wheel (1918)
Shackled (1918)
Carmen of the Klondike (1918)
Madam Who (1918)
The One Woman (1918)
Golden Rule Kate (1917)
A Strange Transgressor (1917)
Happiness (1917)
... aka Seeking Happiness (USA)
Sweetheart of the Doomed (1917)
Back of the Man (1917)
The Iced Bullet (1917)
Three of Many (1916)
The Criminal (1916)
Jim Grimsby's Boy (1916)
The Thoroughbred (1916/II)
Shell 43 (1916)
... aka Shell Forty-Three (USA)
Civilization (1916)
The Market of Vain Desire (1916)
The Bugle Call (1916)
The Stepping Stone (1916)
The Aryan (1916)
The Conqueror (1916)
The Despoiler (1915)
... aka The Awakening (USA: reissue title)
... aka The Despoilers (USA: review title)
... aka War's Women (USA: copyright title)
The Golden Claw (1915)
The Iron Strain (1915)
The Coward (1915/I)
The Man from Oregon (1915)
The Reward (1915/I)
On the Night Stage (1915)
... aka The Bandit and the Preacher (USA: reissue title)
The Alien (1915)
... aka The Sign of the Rose (USA: Los Angeles première title)
The Devil (1915)
... aka Satan's Pawn
Winning Back (1915)
The Chinatown Mystery (1915)
The Italian (1915) (uncredited)
The City of Darkness (1914)
The Bargain (1914)
... aka The Two-Gun Man in the Bargain (USA: reissue title)
The Typhoon (1914)
The Curse of Caste (1914)
A Relic of Old Japan (1914)
A Tragedy of the Orient (1914)
The Wrath of the Gods (1914)
... aka The Destruction of Sakura-Jima or The Wrath of the Gods
The Ambassador's Envoy (1914)
The Pitfall (1913)
The Frame-Up (1913/II)
The Buried Past (1913)
Borrowed Gold (1913)
A Woman's Wit (1913)
Romance of Erin (1913)
The Ironmaster (1913)
His Sense of Duty (1912)
The Man They Scorned (1912)
For the Honor of the Seventh (1912)
On the Warpath (1912)


White Pebbles (1927) (as Reginald C. Barker) (story)
The Roaring Rider (1926) (story) (as Reginald C. Barker)
Quicker'n Lightnin' (1925) (story)
Biff Bang Buddy (1924) (story)


Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925) (uncredited) .... Crowd extra in chariot race  
... aka Ben-Hur (USA: short title)
The Vampire (1915/I) (unconfirmed)


Bunty Pulls the Strings (1921) (producer)
Godless Men (1920) (producer)

~Miscellaneous Crew~

Civilization (1916) (production assistant)


1925 Studio Tour (1925) .... Himself - a Director
The Iced Bullet (1917) .... Himself