~Red Hair~
~686-196: Lance Chandler & Clara Bow~

Clara Bow ...  Bubbles McCoy
Lane Chandler ...  Robert Lennon
William Austin ...  Dr. Eustace Gill
Jacqueline Gadsden ...  Minnie Luther
Lawrence Grant ...  Judge Rufus Lennon
Claude King ...  Thomas L. Burke
William Irving ...  Demmy
Gary Cooper
Directed by: Clarence G. Badger

Written by:
Lloyd Corrigan - adaptation
Elinor Glyn - novel "The Vicissitudes of Evangeline"
Percy Heath - adaptation
Agnes Brand Leahy - writer
George Marion Jr. - titles
Frederica Sagor  - uncredited
It was romance novelist Elinor Glyn who dubbed Clara Bow the "It" girl, so it was hardly a surprise
when Bow starred in this adaptation of Mme. Glyn's "The Vicissitudes of Evangeline." The star plays
Bubbles McCoy, a crafty manicurist who hopes to land a wealthy husband. She sets her sights on
handsome Robert Lennon (Lane Chandler) and also accepts expensive presents from Lennon's older
male guardians. When they find out they're being played for suckers, Lennon and his cohorts give
Bubbles the ozone at a fancy party. In a rage, she tears off her costly jewels and her fancy gown,
jumps into a swimming pool, and, clad only in her skivvies, storms off the premises in high (and wet)
dudgeon. Even so, a happy ending caps this typical Clara Bow vehicle, which also included a brief
Technicolor sequence.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, Allmovie.com

Gold digger "Bubbles" McCoy, a manicurist, finds that Robert Lennon, the man she has chosen to
marry, is under the guardianship of three bachelor friends, all of whom have courted her and given
her many expensive gifts. Against the guardians' advice, Lennon announces the engagement. At the
engagement party, "Bubbles", angry and irritated because of criticism against her, removes all the
sartorial gifts she wears, leaps half nude into the swimming pool, and is pulled out by her
sympathetic, forgiving fiancé.

Plot Synopsis by AFI.com
~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Paramount Pictures

Produced by:
Clarence G. Badger
Louis D. Lighton
B.P. Schulberg
Cinematography by: Alfred Gilks
Editing by: Doris Drought
Costume Design by: Travis Banton
Assistant Director: Archie Hill
Costume Jeweller: Eugene Joseff
Jesse L. Lasky
Adolph Zukor

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: March 10, 1928