~Reaching For The Moon~
~Plot Synopsis~
Daydreaming clerk Douglas Fairbanks discovers that he's of royal blood. In fact, if his information is
correct, he's next in line for the throne of Vulgaria. Leaving his job behind, Fairbanks travels to the
home of his forefathers to quell a takeover attempt by villainous nobleman Frank Campeau. He
saves the day with his usual eye-popping athletics...and then screenwriters John Emerson (who also
directed) and Anita Loos pull a fast one on the audience. Among the bit players in Reaching for the
Moon are Erich von Stroheim and Douglas Fairbanks' friend and "mascot" Charlie "Injun" Stevens.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, Allmovie.com

Alexis Caesar Napoleon Brown entertains delusions of grandeur although he is only a lowly clerk in a
New York button factory. Completely discouraged, he takes up a philosophy that claims that one
may attain any object in life by concentrating one's mind on it, but loses his job while trying to
practice the philosophy on his boss. Encouraged by the fact that his late mother came from the
kingdom of Vulgaria, Alexis concentrates on the subject of becoming a royal personage and falls
asleep. Soon after, the minister of Vulgaria appears and states that the king is dead and Alexis must
take the throne. Alexis accepts and travels to Vulgaria where he is kept busy dodging attempts made
on his life by Black Boris, a pretender to the throne. While dueling for his life after insulting the
homely Princess Valentina, his betrothed, Alexis falls over a cliff and awakens to discover that he has
merely tumbled out of bed. Thus disabused of his fantasies, Alexis eagerly returns to his life in the
button factory, proposes to Elsie Merrill, his down-to-earth sweetheart, and eventually finds
happiness as a family man in a New Jersey suburb.

Plot Synopsis from AFI.com
Directed by: John Emerson

Written by:
John Emerson - story
Joseph Henabery - writer
Anita Loos - story   

Douglas Fairbanks ...  Alexis Caesar Napoleon Brown
Eileen Percy ...  Elsie Merrill
Richard Cummings ...  Old Bingham the Boss
Millard Webb ...  Mr. Mann
Eugene Ormonde ...  Sergius Badinoff the Prime
Frank Campeau ...  Black Boris
Joe Brooks ...  Bit Role (uncredited)
Jim Hogan ...  Bit Role (uncredited)
Bull Montana ...  Bit Role (uncredited)
Charles Stevens ...  Boris' Lieutenant (uncredited)
Keene Thompson ...  Bit Role (uncredited)
Erich von Stroheim ...  Prince Badinoff's Aide (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Douglas Fairbanks Pictures

Released by: Paramount Pictures

Produced by: Douglas Fairbanks
Cinematography by:
Victor Fleming
Sam Landers
Film Editing by: William Shea
Art Direction by: Wilfred Buckland
Technical Assistant Director:
Erich Von Stroheim
Assistant Cinematographer: Glen MacWilliams
General Manager: John Fairbanks

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 69 Minutes
Released: November 17, 1917