~Ramshackle House~
~Betty Compson~
~Plot Synopsis~
Don Counsel (Robert Lowing), a New Yorker who is traveling through southern Florida, is being
framed by Ernest Riever (John Davidson) for a murder he did not commit. Riever is holding the real
killer captive on his yacht while detectives are searching for Counsel. Pen Broome (Betty Compson),
who lives with her father (Henry James) on their rundown estate, tries to help Counsel out. Riever's
men find Counsel and trap him in a ballast bulkhead, but Pen rescues him. Eventually, Counsel is
able to prove his innocence and the bad guys are given their due. During the film's climax, there is a
battle between a Seminole Indian and an alligator that is after the film's hero, Robert Lowing, and
that seems to have been the film's biggest selling point.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, Allmovie.com

Pen Broome, who lives with her father on their rundown estate in southern Florida, helps Don
Counsell hide from detectives who seek him for the murder of his business partner. Don is being
framed by Ernest Riever, who holds the real murderer, Spike Talley, captive aboard his yacht; and
Don is finally captured by Riever and placed in a ballast bulkhead into which water is allowed to flow.
Pen finds the yacht with the aid of a Seminol Indian and offers Riever marriage in return for Don's
life just as Spike breaks in and, fearing a doublecross, denounces Riever for the murder. Detectives
enter and rescue Don, while Riever shoots himself.

Plot Synopsis from AFI.com
Directed by: F. Harmon Weight

Written by:
Hulbert Footner - novel
Coolidge Streeter - writer

Betty Compson ...  Pen Broome
Robert Lowing ...  Don Counsell
John Davidson ...  Ernest Riever
Henry James ...  Pendleton Broome
William Black ...  Keesing
Duke Pelzer ...  Spike Talley
Josephine Norman ...  Blanche Paglar
Joey Joey ...  Alligator wrestler
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Tilford Cinema Corporation

Released by: Producers Distributing Corporation (PDC)

Cinematography by: Larry Williams

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: August 31, 1924