~Ralph Graves~

Born: January 23, 1900 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Died: February 18, 1977 in Santa Barbara, California, USA
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the identification of this poster~
In films from the age of 17, American actor Ralph Graves was a handsome, strapping young man who
was most comfortable in comedy. Graves enjoyed a long-term contract with Mack Sennett studios in the
early '20s, where he was one of the few stars that wasn't a "grotesque." Indeed, many of Graves' Sennett
two-reelers are romantic comedy-dramas, with virtually no slapstick. During his Sennett stint, Graves
befriended studio gagman Frank Capra. Upon graduating to director, Capra reciprocated Grave's
kindnesses by casting him in leading-man roles in several Columbia silent features. From 1928 through
1931, Graves was co-starred with Jack Holt in a group of rugged Capra-directed adventure films, in
which the two stars were usually at each other's throats over a pretty girl. Capra continued top-billing
Graves in his earliest talking films, even though the actor's flat, colorless speaking voice didn't match his
"up and at 'em" screen personality. But Graves was never fully dedicated to acting anyway; a frustrated
writer, he was forever pushing his story ideas upon studio executives. Occasionally he'd be allowed to
direct as well as write his own silent vehicles (Rich Men's Sons [1926], Fatal Warning [1928]); Graves
also contributed the script for one of his Capra films, Flight (1928). In talkies, Graves continued
pursuing his writing career, turning producer for a few minor features towards the end of the '30s. In
his last screen appearances, which he accepted in order to finance his producing assignments, it is
apparent that Ralph Graves had lost most of his enthusiasm for reciting lines. Playing the lead in the
serial The Black Coin (1935), Graves at one point says "The plane's on fire!" in a tone of bored
disinterest, just as if the plane caught fire every day around this time.

Biography by Hal Erickson, Allmovie.com
~Silent Filmography~

The Eternal Woman (1929) .... Hartley Forbes
The Fatal Warning (1929) .... Russell Thorne
The Flying Fleet (1929) .... Ens./Lt. (j.g.) Steve Randall
The Sideshow (1928) .... Gentleman Ted Rogers
Bitter Sweets (1928) .... Ralph Horton
Submarine (1928) .... Bob Mason
Bachelor's Paradise (1928) .... Joe Wallace
That Certain Thing (1928) .... Andy B. Charles, Jr.
The Cheer Leader (1928) .... Jimmy Grant
A Reno Divorce (1927) .... David
The Swell-Head (1927) .... Lefty Malone
Alias the Deacon (1927) .... Jim Adams
Rich Men's Sons (1927) .... Arnold Treadway
The Country Beyond (1926) .... Roger McKay
Blarney (1926/II) .... James Carabine
Womanpower (1926) .... Johnny White Bromley
A Yankee Doodle Duke (1926) .... Ralph
Hooked at the Altar (1926)
Meet My Girl (1926) ... Ralph Rogers
The Funnymooners (1926)
Wide Open Faces (1926/I)
Swell Hogan (1926)
The Window Dummy (1925) .... Window Dummy
Take Your Time (1925)
Good Morning, Madam! (1925)
Hurry, Doctor! (1925)
Don't Tell Dad (1925) ... Billy Woodly
Cupid's Boots (1925)
Good Morning, Nurse (1925)
He Who Gets Smacked (1925)
Breaking the Ice (1925)
Giddap (1925) (uncredited) (unconfirmed) .... Cameo Appearance
Bashful Jim (1925) .... Jim
The Beloved Bozo (1925)
The Plumber (1925/I)
Off His Trolley (1924)
Love's Sweet Piffle (1924)
Riders of the Purple Cows (1924)
Little Robinson Corkscrew (1924)
East of the Water Plug (1924) .... The Hero
Yolanda (1924) .... Maximillian of Styria
Daughters of Today (1924) .... Ralph Adams
The Extra Girl (1923) .... Dave Giddings
Prodigal Daughters (1923) .... Roger Corbin
Just Like a Woman (1923) .... James Landon
The Ghost Patrol (1923) .... Terry Rafferty
Mind Over Motor (1923) .... Jasper McCutcheon
The Jilt (1922) .... Sandy Sanderson
The Long Chance (1922) .... Bob McGraw
Come on Over (1922) .... Shane O'Mealia
Kindred of the Dust (1922) .... Donald McKaye
Dream Street (1921) .... James Spike McFadden
Polly with a Past (1920) .... Rex Van Zile
Little Miss Rebellion (1920) .... Sgt. Richard Ellis
Mary Ellen Comes to Town (1920) .... Bob Fairacres

The Greatest Question (1919) .... John Hilton Jr.
... aka "Idol Dancer" - USA (alternative title)
... aka "Love Flower" - USA (alternative title)
Scarlet Days (1919) .... Randolph
Her Kingdom of Dreams (1919) .... Billy Dayne
Nobody Home (1919) .... Malcolm Dale
I'll Get Him Yet (1919) .... Harold Packard
The Home Town Girl (1919) .... John Stanley
The White Heather (1919) .... Alec McClintock
What Am I Bid? (1919) .... Ralph McGibbon
... aka "Girl for Sale" - USA (alternative title)
The Scarlet Shadow (1919) .... Van Presby
The Yellow Dog (1918) .... Tom Blakely
Sporting Life (1918) .... John, Earl of Woodstock
Tinsel (1918) .... Bobby Woodward
Men Who Have Made Love to Me (1918) .... The Callow Youth


The College Coquette (1929) (story)
A Reno Divorce (1927) (story)
Swell Hogan (1926)


A Reno Divorce (1927)
The Swell-Head (1927)
The Kid Sister (1927)
Rich Men's Sons (1927)
Swell Hogan (1926)