~Promotional Photograph from The California Theater
to promote the screening of "Proxies," for the Week of
July 10th, 1921~
~Plot Synopsis~
After serving a term in prison, Peter (Norman Kerry) goes straight and becomes a butler in the home
of Christopher Darley (William H. Tooker). Peter's sweetheart, Clare Conway (Zena Keefe), who also
has a criminal past, becomes the maid of the house. Darley's daughter, Carlotta (Raye Dean), is
engaged to Homer Carleton (Jack Crosby), but she becomes infatuated with Peter. John Stover, a
former warden (Paul Everton), knows of Peter's past, but Darley refuses to discharge him. It turns
out that Stover is actually more crooked than Peter ever was -- he wants to involve Darley in a
fraudulent stock scheme and obtains a proxy to put it across. To save Darley, Peter holds up the
guests at a party, which includes Stover, and steals the proxy from him. After burning it, he and Clare
make their escape and get married. Detective Linton (Robert Broderick) tracks the couple down, and
they believe they are about to be arrested. Linton takes them to a farm and tells them it is a wedding
gift from the grateful Darley.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, Allmovie.com
Directed by: George D. Baker

Written by:
Frank R. Adams - story
George D. Baker - writer

Norman Kerry ...  Peter Mendoza
Zena Keefe ...  Clare Conway
Raye Dean ...  Carlotta Darley
Jack Crosby ...  Homer Carleton
Paul Everton ...  John Stover
William H. Tooker ...  Christopher Darley
Mrs. Schaffer ...  Mrs. Darley
Robert Broderick ...  Detective Linton
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Cosmopolitan Productions
Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Released by: Paramount Pictures

Cinematography by: Harold Wenstrom        
Film Editing by: Charles J. Hunt
Set Designer: Joseph Urban

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 minutes
Released: May 1, 1921