~Pearl White~
~Pearl White~
~Pearl White & Warren William~
~Plot Synopsis~
Returning after a four year hiatus to the genre that had made her a world-wide household name back
in the 1910s, Pearl White starred as Pearl Travers, a girl who stumbles over buried treasure in this 15
chapter serial. Unfortunately for both Pearl and the villain, Jud Deering (Harry Semels), the treasure
is buried under a newly erected skyscraper. Pearl and Deering vie with each other to acquire an
owner's share in the building, with the latter having the upper hand by not shying away from both
theft and murder. Thrown into this mix of adventure of melodrama is a mad doctor and his
Frankenstein-like creation and a helpful young leading man. The latter was played by one Warren
Krech, a handsome, mustachioed leading man who sensibly changed his name to Warren William.
The serial was a success at the box office if not exactly a happy experience for its leading lady. Having
abandoned the serial field in 1919 in favor of feature films, White had only achieved modest success.
By 1923, she was visibly tired, suffered from bad eyesight, which threw her timing, and was in
constant pain from an old back injury. On top of all that, White's double, John Stevenson, was killed
performing one of the serial's many elaborate stunts. Plunder was produced and directed by George
B. Seitz, who more than anyone had been the brains behind White's rise to serial fame in the '10s. But
not even Seitz could turn Plunder into the thrilling comeback that White had hoped for, and she
finished her career on a rather downbeat note. Returning to her home in Paris, France, Pearl White
filmed the little seen French serial Terreur (aka Perils of Paris) in 1924 and left the screen for good.
She died prematurely in 1938, reportedly from injuries sustained during the filming of her old serials.

Plot Synopsis by Hans J. Wolstein, AllMovie.com
Directed by: George B. Seitz    

Written by: Bertram Millhauser

Pearl White ...  Pearl Travers
Warren William ...  Mr. Jones (as Warren Krech)
Harry Semels ...  Jud Deering
Tom McIntyre   
William Nally   
Wally Oettel   
Edward J. Pool   
Charles 'Patch' Revada  
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: George B. Seitz Productions

Distribution Company: Pathé Exchange

Produced by: George B. Seitz
Stunts: John Stevenson

Length: 15 Chapter Serial
Released: January 28 1923