Playthings of Passion
~Kitty Gordon & Mahlon Hamilton~
~Kitty Gordon, W. Lawon Butt & Mahlon Hamilton~
Helen Rowland is indifferent toward her wealthy husband Henry and spends most of her time at
social events. Henry agrees to give financial assistance to young clergyman John Sterling for his
missionary cause if Helen can become interested in Sterling's work in the slums. Helen becomes so
interested in Sterling's mission work that she admits to Henry that she is in love with the
clergyman. Henry then insists that Sterling arouse Helen's hatred. Sterling feigns drunkenness and
Helen is so disgusted that she hurries home. Henry is remorseful about the scheme, but confesses
he did it out of love for her, and so Helen discovers, finally, that she loves her husband.

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Kitty Gordon ...  Helen Rowland
Mahlon Hamilton ...  Henry Rowland
Lawson Butt ...  John Sterling (as W. Lawson Butt)
Richard Rosson ...  Spiffy (as Dick Rosson)
Directed by: Wallace Worsley

Written by:
Jack Cunningham - scenario
William Anthony McGuire - story
~?, ?, Kitty Gordon, Mahlon Hamilton, ?~
~Plot Synopsis~
~Kitty Gordon & Mahlon Hamilton~
~Remaining Credits~

Production & Released by: United Picture Theatres of America

Cinematography by: Clyde De Vinna
Supervisor: Robert Brunton

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 minutes
Released: June 8, 1919