~Phantom Of The Opera~
~4159-35: Lon Chaney~
~Plot Synopsis~
Lon Chaney stars as Erik, the Phantom, in what is probably his most famous and certainly his most
horrifying role. Produced by Universal, the film shot in 1923 and shelved for nearly two years, and
was subjected to intensive studio tinkering. While many expected a disaster, the film turned out to
be a rousing success. It was both the stepping off point for Chaney's run as a superstar at MGM and
the prototype for the horror film cycle at Universal in the 1930s. The story concerns Erik, a
much-feared fiend who haunts the Paris Opera House. Lurking around the damp, dank passages
deep in the cellars of the theater, he secretly coaches understudy Christine Daae (Mary Philbin) to
be an opera star. Through a startling sequence of terrors, including sending a giant chandelier
crashing down on the opera patrons, the Phantom forces the lead soprano to withdraw from the
opera, permitting Christine to step in. Luring Christine into his subterranean lair below the opera
house, the Phantom confesses his love. But Christine is in love with Raoul de Chagny (Norman
Kerry). The Phantom demands that Christine break off her relationship with Raoul before he'll
allow her to return to the opera house stage. She agrees, but immediately upon her release from the
Phantom's lair, she runs into the arms of Raoul and they plan to flee to England after her
performance that night. The Phantom overhears their conversation and, during her performance,
the Phantom kidnaps Christine, taking her to the depths of his dungeon. It is left to Raoul and
Simon Buquet (Gibson Gowland), a secret service agent, to track down the Phantom and rescue

Plot Synopsis from Paul Brenner, AllMovie.com
Directed by:
Rupert Julian    
Lon Chaney - uncredited  
Ernst Laemmle - uncredited  
Edward Sedgwick - uncredited

Written by:
Gaston Leroux - novel "Le Fantôme de l'Opera"
Walter Anthony - titles (uncredited)
Elliott J. Clawson - adaptation (uncredited)
Bernard McConville - treatment (uncredited)
Frank M. McCormack - uncredited
Tom Reed - titles (uncredited)
Raymond L. Schrock - adaptation (uncredited)
Jasper Spearing - treatment (uncredited)
Richard Wallace - additional comedy material (uncredited)

Lon Chaney ...  Erik, The Phantom
Mary Philbin ...  Christine Daae
Norman Kerry ...  Vicomte Raoul de Chagny
Arthur Edmund Carewe ...  Ledoux
Gibson Gowland ...  Simon Buquet
John St. Polis ...  Comte Philip de Chagny (as John Sainpolis)
Snitz Edwards ...  Florine Papillon
Mary Fabian ...  Carlotta (1929 re-edited version only)
Virginia Pearson ...  Carlotta / Carlotta's mother (1929 re-edited version)
Olive Ann Alcorn ...  La Sorelli (uncredited)
Joseph Belmont ...  Stage manager (uncredited)
Alexander Bevani ...  Mephistopheles (uncredited)
Edward Cecil ...  Faust (uncredited)
Ruth Clifford ...  Ballerina (uncredited)
Chester Conklin ...  Orderly (uncredited)
Roy Coulson ...  The jester (uncredited)
Bruce Covington ...  M. Moncharmin (uncredited)
Ward Crane ...  Count Ruboff (uncredited)
George Davis ...  Guard at Christine's door (uncredited)
Madame Fiorenza ...  Mame Giry, keeper of the box (uncredited)
Cesare Gravina ...  Manager (uncredited)
William Humphrey ...  M. Debienne (uncredited)
Carla Laemmle ...  Prima ballerina (uncredited)
Edward Martindel ...  Comte Philip de Chagny (1929 re-edited version) (uncredited)
Grace Marvin ...  Martha (uncredited)
John Miljan ...  Valentin (uncredited)
Rolfe Sedan ...  Undetermined role (uncredited)
Bernard Siegel ...  Joseph Buquet (uncredited)
William Tracy ...  Ratcatcher, messenger from the shadows (uncredited)
William Tyroler ...  Director of opera orchestra (uncredited)
Vola Vale ...  Ballerina (uncredited)
Anton Vaverka ...  Prompter (uncredited)
George B. Williams ...  M. Ricard (uncredited)
Edith Yorke ...  Mama Valerius (uncredited)
Lon Chaney Jr... extra (uncredited)
Robert Toppin... extra (uncredited)
~Mary Philbin~
~Arthur Edmund Carewe~
~Opera House Scene~
~Norman Kerry & Mary Philbin~
~Virginia Pearson~
~Mary Philbin, Norman
Kerry & Arthur Edmund
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Universal Pictures

Producer: Carl Laemmle
Cinematography by: Milton Bridenbecker, Virgil Miller & Charles Van Enger
Film Editing by: Edward Curtiss, Maurice Pivar & Gilmore Walker
Production Design by: Ben Carré
Art Direction by: Charles D. Hall and Elmer Sheeley
Set Direction by: Russell A. Gausman
Makeup by:
Lon Chaney
Executive Production Manger: Raymond L. Schrock
Assistant Director: Joe Pasternak
Consulting Artist: Ben Carré
Opera House Set Design: Charles Gemora
Scenic Artist: Charles A. Logue
Visual Effects Supervisor: Jerome Ash
Still Photographer: Roman Freulich
Assistant Camera: Cliff Shirpser
Electrician: Ken Strickfaden
Presenter: Carl Laemmle
Ballet Master: Ernest Belcher
Mask Maker:
Lon Chaney
Technical Director: Archie Hall
Choreographer: William von Wymetal
Script Supervisor: Aileen Webster
Wig Maker: Zan

Runtime: 10 Reels
Runtime: 100 minutes
Released: November 15, 1925