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promoting the screening of the film "Percy." in

Charles Ray ...  Percival Rogeen
Louise Dresser ...  Mrs. Rogers
Joseph Kilgour ...  Jasper Rogeen
Clyde McAtee ...  James
Dave Winter ...  Breezy Barnes
Charles Murray ...  Holy Joe
Victor McLaglen ...  Reedy Jenkins
Betty Blythe ...  Lolita
Barbara Bedford ...  Imogene Chandler
Don Marion ...  Percival Rogeen, as a boy
Jack Cosgrave   
Chew Ho   
Ethelbert Knott  (as Adelbert Knott)
Richard Neill
Directed by: Roy William Neill

Written by:
J.G. Hawks - adaptation
Eve Unsell - adaptation

Based on the novel The Desert Fiddler by William Henry Hamby
(Garden City, New York, 1921).
Much to the disgust of his father, Percival Rogeen, whose only accomplishment is playing the violin,
has been brought up by his doting mother as a mollycoddle. When the elder Rogeen runs for the
Senate, his campaign manager, Breezy Barnes, offers to make a man of Percival. Barnes takes
Percival to a cabaret and gets him drunk. Intoxicated for the first time in his life, Percival engineers a
campaign stunt that ends in a street riot. He jumps on a freight train to avoid an enraged mob and
ends up on the Mexican border, where he is saved by Holy Joe from a band of tramps who mistake
him for a railroad detective. Joe, who makes a living by gambling at cards and selling Bibles, takes
Percival to a local dancehall, where Percival makes a hit with his fiddling. Percival and Joe later go to
work for Imogene Chandler, picking cotton on her ranch. Reedy Jenkins, the political boss of the
district, shuts off the water at the local dam with the intention of driving out the cotton farmers.
Percival goes to the dam, beats Jenkins in a fight, and dynamites the floodgates. Percival later
marries Imogene and returns with her to the East.

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Production Company: Thomas H. Ince Corporation

Distribution Company: Pathé Exchange

Producer: Thomas H. Ince
Cinematography by: James Diamond
Production Supervisor: Ray Kirkwood
Assistant Director: Ray Kirkwood        

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 minutes
Released: April 5, 1925