~Peck's Bad Boys~
~Plot Synopsis~
When a circus comes to town, Jackie, his pal, and his dog cause a commotion by
releasing a lion from its cage, and consequently Jackie's father refuses him circus
money. So Jackie disguises his pal as a girl, contrives to have Mr. Peck keep a date
with "her," and collects "blackmail" just before his father and mother discover the
"girl's" true identity. In other escapades, he puts ants in his father's pleurisy pad
while the family is in church; rescues his dog from the dogcatcher; and conceals
some important papers in the pocket of young Dr. Martin, his sister's beau, causing
the doctor's arrest. Jackie admits to the last offense, and the doctor saves the boy
and the dog from an oncoming train.

Plot Synopsis from AFI.com
Directed by: Sam Wood

Written by:
Irvin S. Cobb - titles
George W. Peck - story "Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa"
Sam Wood - adaptation

Jackie Coogan ...  'Peck's Bad Boy' (Henry Peck)
Wheeler Oakman ...  Dr. Martin
Doris May ...  Letty (Henry's sister)
Raymond Hatton ...  Buddy's Father (Grocer)
James Corrigan ...  George Peck (Henry' father)
Lillian Leighton ...  Ma Peck
Charles Hatton ...  Buddy(Henry's friend)
K.T. Stevens ...  Young Girl with Ice Cream (as Baby Gloria Wood)
Queenie the Dog   
Dean Riesner  (as Dinky Dean)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Irving M. Lesser

Released by: Associated First National Pictures

Produced by: Irving M. Lesser
Cinematography by: Alfred Gilks &       
Harry Hallenberger        
Film Editing by: W. Donn Hayes
Assistant Camera: Osmond Borradaile

Runtime: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 minutes
Released: June 1921