~June Caprice~

June Caprice ...  Patsy Prim
Harry Hilliard ...  Dick Hewitt
John Smiley ...  John Primnel
Edna Munsey ...  Helene Arnold
Ethyle Cooke ...  Alice Hewitt
Alma Muller ...  Patsy's Maid
Fred Hearn ...  Griggs
Jane Lee ...  Janie
Directed by: John G. Adolfi

Written by: Joseph F. Poland - story
Fearing that his daughter Patsy is becoming a tomboy, John Primmel sends her to a friend back East
for education and refinement. Arriving in New York, Patsy discovers that her father's friend has died
and his apartment is now inhabited by his son, Dick Hewitt. Dick allows Patsy to stay, and they hire a
maid, a housekeeper, and a butler. One night, while Dick is drunk, adventuress Helene Arnold tricks
him into marrying her. Soon after, Dick's sister Alice arrives and urges him to marry Patsy, whom he
really loves. Helene then threatens to expose Dick unless he pays her $10,000 hush money. Dick
refuses and the next evening, while at a party, Helen tells the guests that she has an important
announcement to make. Just as she is about to expose Dick, his butler appears and Helene gasps,
announces that she is going to Europe to become a nurse, and rushes from the house. The butler
then informs Dick that Helene is his wife who deserted him years earlier. Dick's marriage thus
nullified, he is free to marry Patsy.

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Produced and Distributed by Company: Fox Film Corporation

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: July 1, 1917