~922-40 Lois Moran~
~Plot Synopsis~
Edith Gilbert, the daughter of Henry Gilbert--a wealthy but bigoted and puritanical
reformer--leaves home following her mother's death to seek her fortune on Broadway. Through her
boardinghouse roommate, Edith gets work as a cafe dancer. At the cafe, she attracts
man-about-town Monte Hermann and also Norman Van Pelt, a youth who falls in love with her. At
Hermann's suggestion, Mrs. Alcott, an unsavory society woman, takes Edith under her protective
wing; and despite Edith's denials of his base suspicions, Norman leaves for Europe to forget her.
Meanwhile, Gilbert, who has married Belle Galloway, a designing spinster, is shocked to learn that
Edith is a cabaret dancer and has her committed to a reformatory, where she is crushed mentally
and physically. Discovering that Belle is only a scheming hypocrite, however, Gilbert pays her to
leave him, and he seeks out Edith to atone for the past. They go abroad, and Edith is happily
reunited with Norman.  

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Directed by: Allan Dwan    

Written by:  
Becky Gardiner - adaptation
James Shelley Hamilton - writer

Based on the novel  Padlocked  by Rex Beach (New York, 1926).

Lois Moran ...  Edith Gilbert
Noah Beery ...  Henry Gilbert
Louise Dresser ...  Mrs. Alcott
Helen Jerome Eddy ...  Belle Galloway
Allan Simpson ...  Norman Van Pelt
Florence Turner ...  Mrs. Gilbert
Richard Arlen ...  'Tubby' Clark
Charles Lane ...  Monte Hermann
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. ...  Sonny Galloway
Charlotte Bird ...  Blanche Galloway
Josephine Crowell ...  Mrs. Galloway
André Lanoy ...  Lorelli
Irma Kornelia ...  Pearl Gates
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Released by: Paramount Pictures

Cinematography by: James Wong Howe  
Presenters: Jesse L. Lasky & Adolph Zukor

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: August 2, 1926