~Out To Win~
aka There's Millions In It
~IWR-9: Olaf Hytten, Clive Brook, Catherine Calvert & Norman Page~
~Plot Synopsis~
In this film, unemployed worker Anthony Barraclough is hired to impersonate a secret-agent trying
to steal valuable radium. He tries to escape from England to travel to the volatile Balkan state that
holds the substance. His efforts to escape are thwarted by gang members who want the coveted

Written by Iotis Erlewine, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Denison Clift

Written by:
Dion Clayton Calthrop - play
Roland Pertwee - play

Catherine Calvert ...  Auriole Craven
Clive Brook ...  Barraclough / Altar
Irene Norman ...  Isobel
Cameron Carr ...  Harrison Smith
A.B. Imeson ...  Ezra Phipps
Ivo Dawson ...  Lawrence
Olaf Hytten ...  Cumberston
Norman Page ...  Van Diet
Robert English ...  Lord Altmont Frayne
Ernest A. Douglas ...  Hilbert Torrington
James McWilliams ...  Doran
Daisy Campbell ...  Mrs. Barraclough
Ernest A. Dagnall ...  Sydney
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Ideal

Released: 1923