~Other Men's Shoes~
~Plot Synopsis~
Stephen Browning, a minister in a small city, is unable to cope with the strong opposition in his
parish, which is fostered and led by Raphael Creeke, his rival for the love of Irene Manton.
Meanwhile, James, Stephen's brother, is released from prison after serving a term for borrowing
money to lend to a friend's sick wife and child, and upon hearing of his brother's tribulations
decides to act as the minister's substitute. After Stephen goes to a neighboring farm to recuperate
from a nervous breakdown, James assumes his brother's identity, inspires the confidence of the
congregation, discovers Creeke's conniving and wins Irene's love. With the help of a blackmailer,
Creeke attempts to expose James's record, but his scheme backfires when the minister wins the
support of his congregation by admitting his true identity. Stephen is murdered by Jacob Dreener,
one of Creeke's accomplices, who mistakes the minister for his brother. James is then left to occupy
his brother's shoes permanently, bringing Creeke to justice and winning Irene for his wife.

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Edgar Lewis

Based on a novel by Andrew Soutar (publication undetermined).

Crauford Kent ...  Stephen Browning
Irene Boyle ...  Irene Manton
Stephen Grattan ...  Dr. Manton (as Stephen Gratton)
Jean Armour ...  Marion Browning
Harold Foshay ...  Jacob Dreener
John P. Wade ...  Raphael Creeke
Phil Sanford ...  Paget
Bobby Connelly ...  'Doady'
Edna May Sperl ...  Undetermined Role
Jack Sharkey ...  Undetermined Role
Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Edgar Lewis Productions, Inc.

Distributed by: Pathé Exchange

Cinematography by: Edward Horn
Presenter: Edgar Lewis    

Length: 7 Reels
Released: February 1, 1920