~Only A Shop Girl~
~Plot Synopsis~
Just released from prison, Danny Mulvey (William Scott) visits his sweetheart, Josie (Mae Busch),
and finds his sister, Mame (Estelle Taylor), involved with department store owner James Watkins
(Willard Louis). Watkins is murdered while making advances to Josie, and Danny takes the blame
from Josie upon himself. Mame, who was caught in a tenement fire on the night of the murder,
makes a deathbed confession that clears Danny.  

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Written & Directed by: Edward LeSaint

Based on the play Only a Shopgirl; a Play in Four Acts by Charles E.
Blaney (c. 1922).

Estelle Taylor ...Mame Mulvey
Mae Busch ...Josie Jerome
Wallace Beery ...Jim Brennan
William Scott ...Danny Mulvey
James Morrison ...Charles Black
Josephine Adair ...Angelina Jerome
Willard Louis ...James Watkins
Claire Du Brey ...Mrs. Watkins
Tully Marshall ...Watkins' Store Manager
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company: Columbia Pictures

Producer: Harry Cohn

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 68 Minutes
Released: December 15, 1922