~One Night In Rome~
~Promotional Photograph from The California Theater to
promote the screening of "One Night In Rome," in 1924~
~Plot Synopsis~
Guilty of wartime treachery, Duke Mareno leaves a suicide note accusing his wife of infidelity. The
duke's father, Prince Danieli, thereupon denounces the duchess, who flees to London and becomes a
popular fortune-teller, known as Madame L'Enigme. When Richard Oak, whom the duchess knew in
Italy, invites her to perform for a charity ball, he finally recognizes her and confesses his undying
love. But the duchess does not respond and tries to keep her identity secret. Singer Mario Dorando
also recognizes her and informs Prince Danieli. Duchess Mareno's anxiety mounts until her
father-in-law finally appears with the news that the duke was actually killed by his gardener in
revenge for a woman he had wronged. Her position in society restored, the Duchess Mareno accepts

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Directed by: Clarence Badger

Written by: J. Hartley Manners - screenplay

Based on the play  One Night in Rome, a Drama  by
J. Hartley Manners
(New York, 2 Dec 1919).

Laurette Taylor ...  Duchess Mareno / Madame L'Enigme
Tom Moore ...  Richard Oak
Alan Hale ...  Duke Mareno
William Humphrey ...  George Milburne
Joseph J. Dowling ...  Prince Danieli (as Joseph Dowling)
Miss DuPont ...  Zephyer Redlynch
Warner Oland ...  Mario Dorando
Brandon Hurst ...  Count Beetholde
Edna Tichenor ...  Italian Maid
Ralph Yearsley ...  Gardner
~197-x-16: Joseph J. Dowling~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Released by: Metro Goldwyn Distributing Company

Cinematography by: Rudolph J. Bergquist
Promotional Photographer: Clarence Sinclair Bull (uncredited)

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: September 29, 1924
~197-X-32: Laurette Taylor~
~197-X-34: Laurette Taylor~
~197-X-30: Laurette Taylor~
~197-X-39: Laurette Taylor~