~One Exciting Night~
~Plot Synopsis~
Traveling through Africa on safari, a group of white hunters and their wives suffer under the
tropical hardships; one of their number dies in childbirth. The little baby girl is adopted by the
overbearing Mrs. Harrington and brought to the United States, where the treatment she receives in
the home of her "mother" is none too kindly. Years later, the unsuspecting Agnes is a guest at the
home of John Fairfax, where two schemes are being pursued: Mrs. Harrington is trying to ensnare
the wealthy J. Wilson Rockmaine into a marriage trap with the lovely but unwilling Agnes, and a
gang of bootleggers is trying to uncover a large sum of money hidden in the house. There are two
murders; everyone is suspected; and Agnes, Fairfax, Romeo (the colored servant), and the maid are
all locked in the house while detectives seek the slayers. At the height of a violent storm Agnes
discovers Rockmaine to be guilty, then is informed of her real father's wealth. Agnes and John

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Directed & Written by: D.W. Griffith

Carol Dempster ...  Agnes Harrington
Henry Hull ...  John Fairfax
Porter Strong ...  Romeo Washington
Morgan Wallace ...  J. Wilson Rockmaine
Charles Croker-King ...  The Neighbor (as C.H. Croker-King)
Margaret Dale ...  Mrs. Harrington
Frank Sheridan ...  Detective
Frank Wunderlee ...  Samuel Jones
Grace Griswold ...  Auntie Fairfax
Irma Harrison ...  The Maid
Herbert Sutch ...  Clary Johnson
Percy Carr ...  The Butler
Charles Emmett Mack ...  A Guest (as Charles E. Mack)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: D.W. Griffith Productions

Released by: United Artists

Producer: D.W. Griffith
Cinematography by: Irving B. Ruby & Hendrik Sartov
Art Direction: Charles M. Kirk
Costume Design: Alpharetta Hoffman
Special Effects by: Edward Scholl
Music by: Albert Pesce

Length: 11 Reels
Runtime: 128 minutes
Released: October 2, 1922