~Old Ironsides~
~Charles Farrell & Esther Ralston~
~917-7: Charles Farrell & Wallace Beery~
~Plot Synopsis~
Following a fiery patriotic speech by Pinckney in Philadelphia before a gathering of young boys, the
scene shifts to Boston and the launching of the frigate Constitution, where the same boys are
midshipmen now lined up for inspection by Commodore Preble. At the docks in Salem, the
merchant ship Esther, under Bos'n, recruits a country boy in search of adventure. The commodore
vies for the hand of Esther, the captain's daughter, but is involved in a fight with a boatswain when
the ship is taken by pirates; the crew is sold into slavery and the captain held for ransom. The
Philadelphia is captured, and Stephen Decatur proposes to recapture or destroy it. In the melee,
Bos'n, Gunner, and Commodore escape and are picked up by the Constitution, where Gunner is
lashed for desertion. They all participate in the battle at Tripoli in which "Old Ironsides" is
damaged; Esther is reunited with her father and the commodore, and they proceed to Singapore.

Plot Synopsis from afi.com  
Directed by: James Cruze

Written by:
Dorothy Arzner  - writer
Harry Carr - writer
Oliver Wendell Holmes - poem
Rupert Hughes - titles
Laurence Stallings - story
Walter Woods - writer

Charles Farrell ...  The Commodore
Esther Ralston ...  Esther
Wallace Beery ...  Bos'n
George Bancroft ...  Gunner
Charles Hill Mailes ...  Captain Preble
Johnnie Walker ...  Lieutenant Stephen Decatur
Eddie Fetherston ...  Lieutenant Somers
George Godfrey ...  The Cook
William Conklin ...  Esther's Father
Nick De Ruiz ...  The Bashaw
Effie Ellsler ...  Esther's Mother
Frank Jonasson ...  Pirate Captain
Duke Kahanamoku ...  Pirate Captain
Boris Karloff ...  A Saracen Guard
Fred Kohler ...  Second Mate
Mitchell Lewis ...  Pirate Chief
Guy Oliver ...  First Mate
Spec O'Donnell ...  Cabin Boy
Tetsu Komai ...  Pirate
Jack Herrick ...  Sailor
Richard Alexander ...  Extra (uncredited)
Richard Arlen ...  Extra (uncredited)
William Bakewell ...  Extra (uncredited)
Frank Bonner ...  (uncredited)
Frank A. Bonn ...  (uncredited)
Gary Cooper ...  Extra (uncredited)
Bess Flowers ...  (uncredited)
Robert Livingston ...  Extra (uncredited)
Göta Ljungberg ...  (uncredited)
Arthur Ludwig ...  (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Paramount Pictures

Producer: James Cruze
Associate Producer: B.P. Schulberg
Original Musicy by: Hugo Riesenfeld  & J.S. Zamecnik
Cinematography by: Alfred Gilks & Charles P. Boyle
Film Editing by: Dorothy Arzner
Assistant Director: Harold Schwartz
Property Master: Don B. Greenwood  
Special Effects: Farciot Edouart, Roy Pomeroy & Barney Wolff     
Script Supervisor: Dorothy Arzner

Length: 12 Reels
Runtime: 111 Minutes
Released: December 6, 1926