~Officer Jim~
~Plot Synopsis~
The Lubin three-reeler Officer Jim is set in a sleepy rural village. Jim, the town constable, is married
to Mrs. Jim, who carries a torch for Davis, a smooth-talking gambler. As luck would have it, the
gambler is the next-door neighbor of Jim and his wife. Sensing that something is amiss in his
household, Officer Jim orders his wife never again to set foot in Davis' apartment. But she fails to
heed his warnings, and as a result their marriage is doomed. Moving westward with Davis, Mrs. Jim
learns to regret her reckless behavior when Davis falls in with a gang of thieves. In true "what comes
around" fashion, Davis is ultimately arrested by none other than Officer Jim, but the anticipated
reconciliation between the cop and his ex-wife is a long, long time a-coming.

Plot Synopsis from Hal Erickson (allmovie.com)
Directed by: John Ince

Written by: Lawrence McCloskey

John Ince   
Betty Brice  (as Rosetta Brice)
Jean Armour   
Charles Kelly   
Frankie Mann   
Douglas Sibole  
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Lubin Manufacturing Company

Distribution Company: General Film Company

Produced by: Siegmund Lubin        

Length: 3 Reels
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Released: April 20, 1914