~North of 36~
Ernest Torrence, Paramount featured player on location in Texas where Emerson Hough's "North by
36," was made. Irvin Willet produced the picture and his featured players in the cast are Jack Holt,
Ernest Torrence, Lois Wilson, the "Covered Wagon" girl and Noah Beery.
~Plot Synopsis~
In order to find a market for her cattle, Taisie Lockheart, owner of a large Texas ranch, decides to drive
a herd across the thousand miles of Indian territory between the Lone Star State and the new railhead
at Abilene. Sim Rudabaugh, the state treasurer, who is amassing a fortune by the accumulation of land
scrip, plots to steal the scrip for Taisie's ranch but is foiled by Dan McMasters, who is in love with her.
When suspicion unjustly falls on Dan, he is fired by Taisie; he then joins up with Rudabaugh so as to
discover Rudabaugh's plans and forestall them. On the trail, Rudabaugh's men stampede Taisie's herd
at night, and only the skill of her ranch hands prevents the loss of the cattle. Rudabaugh then kills two
Comanche squaws, and the Indians go on the warpath but are fought off by the Lockheart men, led by
the foreman, Jim Nabours. After a gala arrival in Abilene, Taisie sells her cattle at $20 a head and Dan
overpowers Rudabaugh in a fight, handing him over to the Comanche chief. Taisie and Dan are
reconciled and soon get married.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Irvin Willat

Written by:
Emerson Hough - novel

Based on the novel North of 36 by Emerson Hough (New York, 1923).

Jack Holt ...Don McMasters
Ernest Torrence ...Jim Nabours
Lois Wilson ...Taisie Lockheart
Noah Beery ...Slim Rudabaugh
David Dunbar ... Dell Williams
Stephen Carr ...Cinquo Centavos
Guy Oliver ...Maj. McCoyne
William A. Carroll ...Sanchez
Clarence Geldart ...Col. Griswold
George Irving ...Pattison
Ella Miller ...Milly
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Paramount Pictures

Cinematography by: Alfred Gilks
Production Manager: Howard Hawks
Camera Operator: Osmond Borradaile

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: March 21, 1936