~Never Say Die~
~Plot Synopsis~
A corps of noted physicians mistakes the buzzing of a bee for heart tremors and erroneously gives
Jack Woodbury 3 months to live. Jack's avaricious friend, Hector, persuades his sweetheart, Violet,
to marry Jack, intending to pick up an easy inheritance by marrying the Widow Woodbury. Jack
fails to die at the appointed time, and Violet finds she has fallen in love with him.  

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Directed by: George Crone

Written by:
Wade Boteler - story
Raymond Cannon  - writer
Raymond Griffith - story

Based on the play Never Say Die by William H. Post, William Collier
(New York, Nov 1912).

Douglas MacLean ...  Jack Woodbury
Lillian Rich ...  Violet Stevenson
Helen Ferguson ...  La Cigale
Hallam Cooley ...  Hector Walters
Lucien Littlefield ...  Griggs
Tom O'Brien ...  Gun Murray
André Lanoy ...  Verchesi
Wade Boteler ...  Dr. Fraser
Eric Mayne ...  Dr. Galesby
William Conklin ...  Dr
George Cooper ...  Gaston Gibbs
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies: Douglas MacLean Productions

Distribution Company: Associated Exhibitors

Producer: Douglas MacLean  
Cinematography by: Jack MacKenzie

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: August 31, 1924