~Myrtle Lind~

Born: November 9, 1901 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Died: December 9, 1966 in Salinas, California, USA
One of Mack Sennett's less-heralded Bathing Beauties, blonde Myrtle Lind nevertheless did earn
her very own starring vehicles, although with Triangle and not Sennett. After being briefly engaged
as the leading ingénue of the King Bee/Billy West comedies, in which she was often partnered with
the young Oliver Hardy, Lind signed with Triangle and co-starred opposite John Gilbert in the wild
youth melodrama Nancy Comes Home (1919). It should have been her breakthrough but Lind
instead announced her retirement from the screen in order to marry. She was back, playing Gareth
Hughes' ill-fated wife in the Billie Dove melodrama Forget Me Not (1922), but that role proved to be
the swan song for this erstwhile Sennett starlet.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
Forget Me Not (1922) .... The Other Girl
Winners of the West (1921) .... Betty Edwards
The Unhappy Finish (1921)

A Lady's Tailor (1919) .... The pretty beach dancing girl
Back to the Kitchen (1919)
No Mother to Guide Him (1919) .... The cause of it
Why Beaches Are Popular (1919)
... aka "The Mack Sennett Bathing Girls in Why Beaches Are Popular" - USA (alternative title)
The Little Widow (1919) .... Long Lost Soldier's Widow
Among Those Present (1919) .... An Out-Door Girl
Yankee Doodle in Berlin (1919) (uncredited)
... aka "The Kaiser's Last Squeal" - USA (alternative title)
Rip & Stitch: Tailors (1919) .... His pretty wife
The Village Chestnut (1918) .... Teacher's Pet
Her First Mistake (1918)
Whose Little Wife Are You? (1918)
His Wife's Friend (1918)
Playmates (1918)
The Straight and Narrow (1918)
Nancy Comes Home (1918) .... Nancy Worthing
Grauman Special (1918) .... Herself
Wronged by Mistake (1918)
A Counterfeit Scent (1917)
False to the Finish (1917)
Whose Baby? (1917/II)
A Maiden's Trust (1917)
Pinched in the Finish (1917)
Her Nature Dance (1917)
The Danger Girl (1916) (uncredited)
His Hereafter (1916)