~Myrna Loy~

Born: August 2, 1905 in Radersburg, Montana, USA
Died: December 14, 1993 in New York City, New York, USA
Evidence (1929) ... Native Girl - Movie Still Code: E-X
Hardboiled Rose (1929) .... Rose Duhamel
The Show of Shows (1929) .... Performer in 'What Became of the Floradora Boys' & 'Chinese Fantasy'
Fancy Baggage (1929) .... Myrna
State Street Sadie (1928) .... Isobel
... aka The Girl from State Street (UK)
Pay as You Enter (1928) .... Yvonne De Russo
The Crimson City (1928) .... Isobel/State Street Sadie
Turn Back the Hours (1928) .... Tiza Torreon
... aka The Badge of Courage
A Girl in Every Port (1928) (uncredited) .... Girl in China
Beware of Married Men (1928) .... Juanita Sheldon
Ham and Eggs at the Front (1927) .... Fifi
... aka Ham and Eggs (copyright title)
If I Were Single (1927) .... Joan Whitley
The Girl from Chicago (1927) .... Mary Carlton
The Jazz Singer (1927) (uncredited) .... Chorus girl
A Sailor's Sweetheart (1927) .... Claudette Ralston
The Heart of Maryland (1927) .... Mulatta
Simple Sis (1927) .... Edith Van
The Climbers (1927) .... Countess Veya
Bitter Apples (1927) .... Belinda White
When a Man Loves (1927) (uncredited) .... Convict Behind Manon
... aka His Lady (UK)
Finger Prints (1927) .... Vamp
The Third Degree (1926) (uncredited) .... Bit Part
Across the Pacific (1926) .... Roma... Movie Still Code: AP-X
Don Juan (1926) .... Mai, Lady in Waiting
So This Is Paris (1926) .... Maid
Exquisite Sinner (1926) .... Living statue
The Gilded Highway (1926) .... Inez Quartz
Why Girls Go Back Home (1926) .... Sally Short
The Love Toy (1926) (uncredited) .... Bit Part
The Caveman (1926) .... Maid
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925) (uncredited) .... Slave Girl
... aka Ben-Hur (USA: short title)
Sporting Life (1925) (uncredited) .... Chorus Girl with Lord Wainwright
Pretty Ladies (1925) (uncredited) .... Showgirl
The Wanderer (1925) (uncredited) .... Girl at Baccanal
What Price Beauty? (1925) .... Vamp
~The Los Angeles Times~
December 13, 1993
Myrna Loy's film career languished when she portrayed exotic vamps but blossomed in the elegant
glow she cast as Nora, Nick Charles' loving but acerbic wife in "The Thin Man" and its sequels.

She once was one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses — a sloe-eyed, copper-haired beauty ideal
whose first film role came about when the legendary Rudolph Valentino saw her at Grauman's
Chinese Theatre when that film mecca also featured live entertainment. But for the last five decades of
her life she had comfortably adapted to the world of character acting.

Offered a small part in "What Price Beauty," the film was a failure, but Myrna Williams — cast for the
first time as a femme fatale — was not. Her slinky mannerisms in the film were the genesis of a
succession of Chinese, Japanese, Hindu and Indonesian roles in a series of inconsequential silent and
sound films.

Her career as a pseudo-Asian continued for the next few years, and it was not until "Renegades" with
Warner Baxter and "The Devil to Pay" with Ronald Colman — both in the early 1930s — that she was
able to doff her ever-present black wig and appear as herself.

What finally brought her from supporting roles in melancholy adventures and silly comedies to
stardom in her own right was a low-budget adaptation of Dashiell Hammett's tale of the bibulous
detective Nick Charles. William Powell was to be Nick and she was Nora, his sardonic but dutiful wife.

In 1960 she was Paul Newman's alcoholic mother in "From the Terrace" and Doris Day's wacky aunt in
"Midnight Lace." And she overcame an initial shyness to launch a stage career with "Marriage Go
Round" in a 1961 tour. She starred in three other plays: "There Must Be a Pony," "Good
Housekeeping" and "Barefoot in the Park."

— Burt A. Folkart in the Los Angeles Times December 15, 1993