~My Own Pal~
~Plot Synopsis~
Cowboy Tom O'Hara (Tom Mix), who has tired of the open spaces of the West, thinks that
something is calling him to the city. He then says goodbye to his friends and heads to town riding
his trusted horse, Tony. On the way, Tom rides into a circus and immediately comes to the aid of
Jill (Virginia Marshall), a six-year-old circus performer who is being mistreated by her father. When
Jill’s dying mother asks Tom to take care of her little girl, he immediately agrees, and with the help
of a circus clown, spirits the child away from her brutish father, whom Tom bests in a fight. Riding
Tony, Tom and Jill jump aboard the baggage car of a passing train, where they encounter Alice
Deering (Olive Borden), a pretty young woman who catches Tom’s eye. Once in the city, after
rescuing Alice from a runaway horse, Tom is given a job on the police force by August Deering (Tom
Santschi), her grateful uncle. A short time later, Tom arrests a member of a gang of jewel thieves,
but later is outwitted by the gang when they commit another large robbery. Baxter Barton (Bardson
Bard), the leader of the gang, then kidnaps Alice, but she is rescued by Tom who finally brings the
entire gang to justice and wins Alice's undying love.

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Directed by: John G. Blystone

Written by: Lillie Hayward

Tom Mix ...  Tom O'Hara
Olive Borden ...  Alice Deering
Tom Santschi ...  August Deering
Virginia Marshall ...  Jill
Bardson Bard ...  Baxter Barton
William Colvin ...  Jud McIntire
Virginia Warwick ...  Molly
Jay Hunt ...  Clown
Hedda Nova ...  Mrs. Jud McIntire
Tom McGuire ...  Pat McQuire
Helen Lynch ...  Trixie Tremaine
Jack Rollens ...  Slippery Sam
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by Fox Film Corporation

Cinematography by: Daniel B. Clark
Assistant Director: Jasper Blystone

Length: not known
Runtime: not known
Released: February 28, 1926