~Mr. Wu~
~301-129: Lon Chaney & Renée Adorée~
~Plot Synopsis~
In the prologue, Grandfather Wu is seen as a boy, then as a young man whose marriage to a
mandarin's daughter yields a child. As Mr. Wu's daughter emerges into womanhood, a marriage
with a mandarin is arranged for Nang Ping. Despite the seclusion of her father's palace, she meets
and falls in love with Basil Gregory, a young Englishman, and reveals her secret when he asks her to
marry him. Wu learns of the situation, and despite his great love for her, he takes her life-according
to custom-in atonement, then determines to wreak vengeance on Basil's family. Inviting Mrs.
Gregory and her daughter to his home, Wu threatens to have Basil killed and the daughter
betrayed; the mother offers her own life, but failing, she stabs Wu, thus freeing her children.

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: William Nigh

Written by:
Lorna Moon - adaptation
Lotta Woods - titles

Based on the play Mr. Wu by Henry Maurice Vernon and Harold Owen
(New York, 14 Oct 1914).

Lon Chaney ...  Mr. Mandarin Wu - Mr. Wu's Grandfather
Louise Dresser ...  Mrs. Gregory
Renée Adorée ...  Wu Nang Ping
Holmes Herbert ...  Mr. Gregory
Ralph Forbes ...  Basil Gregory
Gertrude Olmstead ...  Hilda Gregory
Mrs. Wong Wing ...  Ah Wong
Claude King ...  Mr. James Muir
Sonny Loy ...  Little Wu
Anna May Wong ...  Loo Song
Toshia Mori ...  Friend of Nang Ping (as Toshia Ichioka)
~301-133: Lon Chaney & Renée Adorée~
~301-134: Lon Chaney & Renée Adorée~
~301-157: Renée Adorée~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Producer: William Nigh
Cinematography by: John Arnold
Film Editing by: Ben Lewis
Set Decorations by: Richard Day & Cedric Gibbons
Assistant Director: Millard K. Wilson
Wardrobe: Lucia Coulter
Set Musicians: Jack Feinberg & Sam Feinberg
Continuity: Lorna Moon

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Released: March 26, 1927