~Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch~
~F200-4: Gladys Valerie, Marguerite Clark and Lawrence Johnson~
~F200-8: Marguerite Clark, Lawrence Johnson, Mary Carr, Gladys Valerie, Robert Milasch &
Gareth Hughes~
~F200-26: Marguerite Clark & Gladys Valerie~
~F200-45: Gladys Valerie, (Priest-unknown), Jack MacLean, Marguerite Clark, Lawrence
Johnson, Mary Carr, (nurse-unknown) & (orderly-unknown)~
~F200-29: Maud Hosford, Gladys Valerie & Marguerite Clark~
~Plot Synopsis~
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch by Alice Hegan Rice was a favorite children's book of the Victorian
era. It was made into a play and filmed several times. This version is notable because its Mrs. Wiggs,
Mary Carr (who made a screen career of playing kindly old ladies), also performed the role on stage.
Lovey Mary (Marguerite Clark), who protects other children in an orphanage against the monitors,
becomes a monitor herself when she grows older. After Maggie Duncan (Gladys Valerie), formerly
in the orphanage, brings her boy Tommy (Lawrence Johnson) there to be reared, Mary grows so
attached to him that she and Tommy run away when Maggie returns several years later. Upon
meeting Dick Morgan (Jack McLean), they flee again after Dick plans to take them back. Taken in by
Mrs. Wiggs (Mary Carr), who lives in the poorest part of town, called the "Cabbage Patch," and
whose five children and numerous animals already strain her limited resources, Mary falls in love
with Billy Wiggs (Gareth Hughes). After the sheriff takes Tommy, Mary hears that Maggie is ill.
While nursing Maggie, Mary learns that Dick, Tommy's father, feared he would be disinherited if he
married Maggie. After convincing Dick to marry Maggie, Mary and Mrs. Wiggs' family are taken into
the Morgan home. When Billy gets a good factory position, he and Mary decide to wed.

Plot Synopsis is a combination of Plot Synopses from allmovie.com and afi.com.
Directed by: Hugh Ford    

Written by: Eve Unsell - scenario

Based on the novel  Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch  by Alice Caldwell
Hegan Rice (New York, 1901), and her play of the same name (New York,
3 Sep 1904).

Marguerite Clark ...  Lovey Mary
Mary Carr ...  Mrs. Nancy Wiggs
Vivia Ogden ...  Miss Tabitha Hazy
Gladys Valerie ...  Maggie Duncan
Gareth Hughes ...  Billy Wiggs
Jack McLean ...  Dick Morgan (as Jack MacLean)
Maud Hosford ...  Mrs. 'Phroney Morgan
Lawrence Johnson ...  Tommy
May McAvoy ...  Australy Wiggs
Anita Brown ...  Mrs. Shultz (uncredited)
Mary Davis ...  Mrs.Eichorn (uncredited)
Lola Hernandez ...  Asia Wiggs (uncredited)
Robert Milasch ...  Hiram Stubbins (uncredited)
Marian Stewart ...  Baby Wiggs (uncredited)
Wanda Valle ...  Europena Wiggs (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Cinematography by: William Marshall    
Presenter: Adolph Zukor

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 59 Minutes
Released: February 16, 1919
~F200-15: Marguerite Clark & Lawrence Johnson~
~F200-19: Gareth Hughes, Marguerite Clark & Maud Hosford~
~F200-34: Gareth Hughes & Marguerite Clark~