~Mother Knows Best~
~Bly-44-112: Louise Dresser & Madge Bellamy~
~Plot Synopsis~
Ma Quail robs the till in her husband's drugstore in order to finance singing and dancing lessons for
her daughter, Sally, who, even as a kidlet of 8, is a clever impersonator. Years pass, and
domineering, ambitious Ma Quail drives her daughter into a career in show business, guiding her
from amateur nights to vaudeville to A. E. F. shows and finally to the Broadway big time. Although
Sally becomes a fine dramatic actress, her mother never allows her to develop a personality of her
own and strictly forbids her any romantic life; whenever Sally falls in love with a young fellow, Ma
drives him away. Sally eventually has a nervous breakdown, and a doctor makes Ma realize that she
is ruining her daughter's life. Ma then reunites Sally with the boy she loves, and Sally returns to her
former prominence as an actress.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: John G. Blystone

Written by:
Marion Orth - adaptation and scenario
Eugene Walter - dialogue
Edith Bristol - titles  
William Kernell - titles

Based on the short story "Mother Knows Best" by Edna Ferber in  Mother
Knows Best; a Fiction Book  (Garden City, NY, 1927).

Madge Bellamy ...  Sally Quail
Louise Dresser ...  Ma Quail
Barry Norton ...  Boy
Albert Gran ...  Sam Kingston
Alyce McCormick ...  Bessie (as Joy Auburn)
Annette De Kirby ...  Bessie, as a child
Stuart Erwin ...  Ben
Ivor De Kirby ...  Ben, as a child
Lucien Littlefield ...  Pa Quail
Anne Shirley ...  Sally, as a child (as Dawn O'Day)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Fox Film Corporation

Cinematography by: Gilbert Warrenton
Film Editing by: Margaret Clancey
Assistant Director: Jasper Blystone
Wardrobe by: Sam Benson
Presenter: William Fox

Length: 9 Reels
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Released: October 28, 1928
~Bly-44-A11: Autrey Portrait Photograph of Barry Norton, Madge Bellamy & Marie Dresser~