~Monroe Salisbury~

Born: May 8, 1876 in Angola, Indiana, USA
Died: August 6, 1935 in San Bernardino, California, USA
With his rugged looks and imposing frame -- he was well over six feet tall and weighed two hundred
pounds -- Monroe Salisbury was well suited for the Westerns and Northwoods dramas of the 1910s.
While Salisbury was quite popular in his time, his work is little known even to modern-day film
historians because only a few of the motion pictures in which he appeared are known to exist.
Salisbury's father, who bred racehorses, was able to send his son to various New York boarding
schools, and then to Yale, where he graduated in three years. When young Salisbury decided to
make the stage his profession, he had an easy time finding roles because of his father's popularity
among the theatrical set. For 15 years, the actor appeared alongside such luminaries as Minnie
Maddern Fiske, John Drew, Nance O'Neil, and William Farnum. He entered films in 1913 when he
was cast as Henry, Earl of Kerhill, in Cecil B. DeMille's The Squaw Man, after which he abandoned
the stage and worked exclusively in motion pictures. Salisbury appeared in a number of films for
producer Jesse Lasky including The Master Mind, The Goose Girl, and After Five. DeMille
frequently used him in such early films as Brewster's Millions, The Virginian, and Rose of the
Rancho. He also appeared alongside Douglas Fairbanks in The Lamb and Double Trouble. But the
film that really brought Salisbury fame was 1916's 12-reel epic, Ramona, in which he starred as
Allesandro. The role brought him to the attention of Carl Laemmle, who signed him to the Bluebird
unit of Universal Studios. He played a variety of roles alongside such actors as Ruth Clifford,
Colleen Moore, Lon Chaney, and Rupert Julian (who also directed several of the features in which
he appeared). Salisbury did well enough financially to buy a 40-acre ranch outside of the Saboda
Indian Reservation in Hemet Valley, California. He took up the cause of Native Americans, and only
hired Native American labor at his ranch. While Salisbury appeared in a variety of films, his image
was best suited to films of the great outdoors. In the press, however, he voiced his need to stretch
himself creatively, and in 1920 he formed his own production company. He produced and starred in
The Barbarian, but it was not well reviewed. Salisbury's last starring role was in 1922's The Great
Alone in which, at the age of 45, he played a Native American college student. His career faded after
that, although he made a brief comeback in 1930 in the Universal serial The Jade Box as the father
of the serial's star, Jack Perrin. Five years later, Salisbury was admitted to Patton State Hospital For
the Insane under an assumed name, where he died a month later from a fall that fractured his skull.
He never married, and his sole survivors were two sisters.

Biography by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~

Great Alone (1922) .... Silent Duval
The Barbarian (1921) .... Eric Straive
The Phantom Melody (1920) .... Count Camello
His Divorced Wife (1919) .... Asa Whipple
The Sundown Trail (1919) .... 'Quiet' Carter
The Man in the Moonlight (1919) .... Rossingnol
The Sleeping Lion (1919) .... Tony
The Blinding Trail (1919) .... Jim McKenzie
The Light of Victory (1919) .... Lieutenant George Blenton
The Millionaire Pirate (1919) .... Jean Lafitte
Hugon, the Mighty (1918) .... Hugon
That Devil, Bateese (1918) .... Bateese Latour
Winner Takes All (1918) .... Alan MacDonald
The Eagle (1918) .... John Gregory ('The Eagle')
The Guilt of Silence (1918) .... Mathew 'Silent' Smith
The Red, Red Heart (1918) .... Kut-le
... aka "The Heart of the Desert" - USA (alternative title)
Hungry Eyes (1918) .... Dale Revenal
Hands Down (1918) .... Dago Sam
Zollenstein (1917) .... Crown Prince, Zollenstein/John Mort6imer
The Savage (1917) .... Julio Sandoval
The Door Between (1917) .... Anthony Ives Eckhart
The Desire of the Moth (1917) .... Christopher Roy
The Cook of Canyon Camp (1917) .... Silent Jack
The Silent Lie (1917) .... The Stranger
... aka "Camille of the North" - USA (reissue title)
... aka "Camille of the Yukon" - USA (reissue title)
The Price of Her Soul (1917) .... Dr. Howard Graham
The Devil's Assistant (1917) .... Dr. Lorenz
Eyes of the World (1917) .... Conrad La Grange, Civilization
Ramona (1916) .... Alessandro
Double Trouble (1915) .... Hotel Clerk
The Friends of the Sea (1915) .... August the Wild
The Crest of Van Endheim (1915)
The Lamb (1915) .... Mary's Cousin
A Gentleman of Leisure (1915) .... Stutten, Pitt's friend
After Five (1915) .... Sam Parker
The Goose Girl (1915) .... King Frederick
Rose of the Rancho (1914) .... Don Luis Del Torre
The Man from Home (1914) .... Hon. Almerce St. Aubyn
Ready Money (1914) .... Sidney Rosenthal
The Virginian (1914) (uncredited) .... Mr. Ogden
The Master Mind (1914) .... District attorney
Brewster's Millions (1914) .... Noppier Harrison
The Squaw Man (1914) (uncredited) .... Sir Henry - Earl of Kerhill

The Barbarian (1921) (producer)