~Plot Synopsis~
M'Liss lives with her dissipated father, "Bummer" Smith, in Red Gulch, California during the 1849
gold rush. A wild and unruly though lovable girl, M'Liss decides to acquire manners and an
education when a handsome young schoolteacher named Charles Gray comes to town. "Bummer" is
to inherit a large fortune left him by his brother Jonathan, but the deceased man's former servants,
Jim Peterson and Clara Parker, hire outlaw "Mexican Joe" to murder "Bummer." Following his
death, Clara appears claiming to be "Bummer's" widow and therefore heiress to the Smith estate,
and meanwhile, Charles is arrested and convicted of the crime. Peterson incites a lynch mob to
attack Charles, but he escapes with the help of M'Liss and her friend, Yuba Bill. Finally Peterson is
forced to confess his guilt, and M'Liss secures the inheritance and the schoolteacher.  

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Directed by: Marshall Neilan

Written by:
Bret Harte - story
Frances Marion - writer

Based on the novellette M'Liss by Bret Harte in Golden Era (San
Francisco, 1863).

Mary Pickford ...  Melissa 'M'liss' Smith
Theodore Roberts ...  John Benson 'Bummer' Smith
Thomas Meighan ...  Charles Gray
Tully Marshall ...  Judge Joshua McSnagley
Charles Ogle ...  Yuba Bill
Monte Blue ...  Mexican Joe Dominguez
Winifred Greenwood ...  Clara Peterson
Helen Kelly ...  Clytemnestra Veronica McSnagley
Val Paul ...  Jim Peterson
William H. Brown ...  Sheriff Sandy Waddles (as W.H. Brown)
John Burton ...  Parson Bean
Charles A. Post ...  Butch Saunders
Guy Oliver ...  Snakebit Saunders
Harry L. Rattenberry ...  Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Charles Stevens ...  Mexican (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Pickford Film

Distributed by:
Artcraft Pictures Corporation
Paramount Pictures

Cinematography by: Walter Stradling
Production Design by: Wilfred Buckland
Assistant Director: Alred E. Green

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 73 minutes
Released: May 13, 1918