~Photoplay Magazine, August 1918~
"Missing" is the first good picture J. Stuart Blackton has ever made, so far as my range of vision has
carried me. It is so far superior to his three pictures from Gilbert Parker's novels that there is no
understanding how it was done by the same man. It is a story of women and war, with the theme
that rouses the emotions and holds the interest of the song and smile at home, when the loved ones
are fighting. The plot has to do with the schemes of an elder sister who tries to make a young wife
believe her husband is dead, urging her to marry a wealthy suitor, and with the faith of the wife and
her fidelity to her love. Robert Gordon -
Huck Finn a few weeks ago - blossoms out as a juvenile
hero. Marcia Manon is charming as the pathetic little wife, and Thomas Meighan forms a striking
The man's supplication was all for glory, for
victory, - the woman's only that he be brought
back to her safely.
George's letters from the
front were replete with
descriptions of life in the
little French village, his
assurances  of victory
over the ruthless foe, his
hope and confidence in
the outcome.
Sir William believed Nell to be a widow and he could
not continue forever to conceal his love for her. At last
he found occasion to plead his cause.
Little by little the gleam of intelligence returned to his
eyes. Nell's voice trembled as she could hardly sing on,
but somehow she managed.
Directed by: James Young

Written by:
J. Stuart Blackton - scenario
James Young - scenario

Based on the novel  Missing  by Mrs. Humphry Ward (New York, 1917).

Thomas Meighan ...  Sir William Farrel
Sylvia Breamer ...  Nell Surratt
Robert Gordon ...  Lieutenant George Surratt
Winter Hall ...  Dr. Howson
Ola Humphrey ...  Hester
Mollie McConnell ...  Mrs. Greyson
Kathleen O'Connor ...  Cicely
Marcia Manon (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: J. Stuart Blackton Feature Pictures

Distributed by:
Famous Players-Lasky Corporation
Paramount Pictures

Cinematography by: L. William O'Connell
Assistant Director: Bert Dorris
Producer, Presenter & Supervisor: J. Stuart Blackton

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 minutes
Released: June 16, 1918
~243-38: Winter Hall, unknown, Sylvia Breamer and Thomas Meighan~