~Mildred Davis~

Born: February 22, 1901 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: August 18, 1969 in Santa Monica, California, USA
Blonde, petite, and utterly adorable, Mildred Davis (also known as "Mid" or "Middy" by her friends
and family), is best known for her work as the leading lady in comedian Harold Lloyd's comedies
from 1919 to 1923. She displayed a natural talent for comedy and was a sweet and perky partner for
Harold Lloyd's bespectacled character in some of his most famous films, including the classic 1923
Safety Last!

Born Mildred Hillary Davis in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1901, Mildred and her
family soon relocated to the west, particularly Tacoma, Washington. While on a break from school,
Mildred decided to travel down to Los Angeles and try her luck with the movies. She appeared in a
few small roles but it wasn't until she was cast in the 1919 film
All Wrong that she would
inadvertently find her big break.

It was her role in
All Wrong that eventually caught the attention of comedy producer Hal Roach.
Roach pointed Davis out to his star comedian Harold Lloyd as a leading lady to replace Bebe Daniels,
who departed the Roach-Lloyd comedies to work for Cecil B. DeMille. Reportedly, Lloyd's first
remark to seeing Davis on the screen was "She looks like a big French doll!"

Both Roach and Lloyd liked her and found her to be a fitting contrast to brunette Bebe Daniels. The
two set off to invite Davis to the studio for a screen test but soon found out that she had returned
home to Washington to resume her schooling! Hal Roach and Harold Lloyd eventually succeeded in
persuading Mildred's parents to let her return to the screen and Mildred Davis was only 18 years old
when she was cast in her first film opposite Harold Lloyd called
From Hand To Mouth.

Davis would go on to star in 15 films as Harold Lloyd's leading lady, such as
Grandma's Boy and
Doctor Jack, and she enjoyed a good amount of fame and success from them.

By 1921, Davis and Harold Lloyd became romantically involved. After the filming of
Safety Last!
Lloyd proposed that Davis become his leading lady off-screen as well and she accepted.
was the last film Lloyd and Davis co-starred in. They were married at St. John's Episcopal
Church in Los Angeles on February 10, 1923.

After her marriage to Harold Lloyd, Mildred took a few more roles but eventually retired from acting
to raise their three children, Gloria, Peggy (whom the Lloyds adopted in 1930), and Harold Jr.
Though Harold and Mildred's marriage was not perfect, they remained married for an impressive 46
years (until Mildred's death) and were still very close for their entire lives.

She also remained active amongst the Hollywood community by hosting numerous parties at the
family's lavish Greenacres estate and working in many charitable organizations. She was also great
friends with actresses Mary Pickford, Marion Davies, and Colleen Moore. She also maintained her
longtime friendship with Roy Brooks, whom she had known since her days in Tacoma.

Mildred Davis died from the aftereffects of a heart attack in Santa Monica, California on August 18,
1969. Her husband Harold Lloyd died a mere two years later in 1971.

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