~Midnight Lovers~
~64-2: Anna Q. Nilsson & Lewis Stone~
~Plot Synopsis~
Married during his furlough from the Royal Flying Corps, Maj. William Ridgewell jeopardizes his
marital happiness by taking his bride on an aerial honeymoon; and his leaving her with an awkward
male servant in a ridiculously masculine apartment serves to turn Diana to an affair with Owen
Ffolliott, a ne'er-do-well and hopeless fop. On the day of Armistice, Ridgewell receives a letter from
Diana suggesting that they get a divorce; and Archer, her lawyer, arranges for collusion between Diana
and Ridgewell, whereby his absence constitutes desertion. Because he loves her, Ridgewell agrees, but
before the legal time elapses he returns home and sleeps in Diana's bed, wearing her nightgown; she
tries to sleep on the couch but is driven by the cold to sleep with her husband. Ridgewell throws out
Owen and Archer the following morning and is reconciled with his wife.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: John Francis Dillon

Written by:
Carey Wilson - story & scenario
George Marion Jr. - titles

Based on the play
Conclusion by J. E. Harold Terry

Lewis Stone ...  Maj. William Ridgewell, RFC
Anna Q. Nilsson ...  Diana Fothergill
John Roche ...  Owen Ffolliott
Chester Conklin ...  Moriarity
Dale Fuller ...  Heatley
Purnell Pratt ...  Wibley
Harvey Clark ...  Archer
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: John McCormick Productions

Released by: First National Pictures

Cinematography by: James Van Trees
Production Manager: John McCormick  

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Premiere in New York on October 26, 1926
Released: November 7, 1926