~Men, Women and Money~
~L282-38: Zasu Pitts and Ethel Clayton~
~L282-2: Ethel Clayton & Jane Wolfe~
~L282-37: Ethel Clayton & Lew Cody~
~L282-28: Ethel Clayton & Mayme Kelso~

Ethel Clayton ...  Marcel Middleton
James Neill ...  Parker Middleton
Jane Wolfe ...  Sara Middleton
Lew Cody ...  Cleveland Buchanan
Sylvia Ashton ...  Aunt Hannah
Irving Cummings ...  Julian Chadwick
Winifred Greenwood ...  Noel Parkton
Edna Mae Cooper ...  Miss Cote
Leslie Stuart ...  Toto (as Leslie Stewart Jr.)
Mayme Kelso ...  Madame Ribout
Lillian Leighton ...  Mrs. Weeks
Lallah Rookh Hart ...  Miss Dunston (as Lallah Hart)
Zasu Pitts ...  Katie Jones
Fay Holderness ...  Mrs. Parkton
Helen Dunbar ...  Mrs. Channing
Charles Ogle ...  Dr. Malcolm Lloyd
Marie Newall ...  Cora
~L282-16: Helen Dunbar, Ethel Clayton and James Neill~
~Plot Synopsis~
Marcel Middleton's small town parents sacrifice to send her to a fashionable finishing school. When
her friend Noel Parkton invites her to New York, Marcel's father mortgages their house so that she
can buy expensive clothes. After Noel's lover propositions Marcel, Noel asks her to leave. When
Marcel receives word that her parents died in an automobile accident, she goes to her aunt's house,
but after feeling like an unpaid servant there, she returns to New York with $2,000 left from her
family. Although her luck at bridge is good at first, she soon loses everything. When Cleveland
Buchanan, a cynical millionaire, offers to pay her debts, she indignantly refuses and works as a
model. She lives with an errand girl, Katie, and helps her care for her invalid brother. Stung by her
rejection, Cleveland changes his life. He helps establish a summer camp for poor boys and takes
Katie's brother there, thus curing him. Cleveland and Marcel now respect each other, and marry.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: George Melford

Written by:
Beulah Marie Dix - scenario

Based on the story "Men, Women and Money" by Cosmo Hamilton in
Harper's Bazaar (Aug 1918).
~L282-13/1: Ethel Clayton & Mayme Kelso~
~L282-6: Unknown & Ethel Clayton~
~L282-7: Unknown & Ethel Clayton~
~L282-30: Ethel Clayton & Mayme Kelso~
~L282-9: Ethel Clayton & Unknown~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Paramount  Pictures

Cinematography by: Paul P. Perry
Assistant Director: Louis Howland
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: June 15, 1919