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~Plot Synopsis~
Revenue Officer Anderson is informed that opium smugglers are operating in his district. He and
his assistant, Gregory, are unable to locate a wireless used by the criminals, but his daughter,
Helen, offers her aid. Meanwhile, at Cyrus Blake's summer residence, Blake remarks that if a
woman is betrayed by a man, he is duty-bound to protect her with his name. His son, Harvey,
arrives home from college but escapes the house party by retiring to a nearby island. Helen, finding
him suspicious, follows to investigate. At the party, Mrs. Sanborn, in desperate circumstances,
plots to have her daughter, Dorothy, spend the night with Harvey on the island, thus forcing a
marriage. Thinking Harvey is the smuggler, Helen conceals herself in his cabin and there finds the
wireless; she prevents the forced marriage and helps capture the real smuggler.  

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Directed by: Edward José

Written by: C. Graham Baker - screenplay & story

Alice Calhoun ...  Helen Anderson
Joseph Striker ...  Harvey Blake
Riley Hatch ...  Revenue Officer Anderson (as William Riley Hatch)
Armand Cortes ...  Gregory (as Armand Cortez)
Charles Mackay ...  Cyrus Blake
Elsie Fuller ...  Miriam Blake
Ernest Hilliard ...  Irving Sneed
Marion Barney ...  Mrs. Sanborn
Edith Stockton ...  Dorothy Sanborn
G.C. Frye ...  Judge Cameron
Dick Lee ...  Smuggler (as Richard Lee)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Distributed by: Vitagraph Company of America

Length: 5 Reels
Released: October 2, 1921