~Matinee Ladies~
~ML-148: Malcolm McGregor & Hedda Hopper~

May McAvoy ...  Sallie Smith
Malcolm McGregor ...  Bob Ward
Hedda Hopper ...  Mrs. Aldrich
Margaret Seddon ...  Mrs. Smith
Richard Tucker ...  Tom Mannion
Jean Lefferty ...  Maizie Blossom
Cissy Fitzgerald ...  Madame Leonine
William Demarest ...  Man-About-Town
Directed by: Byron Haskin

Written by:
C. Graham Baker - writer
Sidney Buchman - story
Albert S. Howson - story
Bob Ward, a law student in financial straits, accepts work as a paid dancing companion at a
roadhouse, where he spends afternoons with women tired of the bonds of matrimony. He meets Sallie
Smith, a cigarette girl, and their mutual bond of sympathy grows into love. Tom Mannion, a wealthy
idler who has made advances to Sallie, persuades her to attend a yacht party, while Bob consents to a
financial agreement with a Mrs. Aldrich, causing a quarrel between himself and Sallie. After
uncovering Mrs. Aldrich's true motives, Bob rescues Sallie from the advances of Mannion aboard the
yacht during a severe storm. They are picked up by a rescue party and are happily united.

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~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Warner Bros. Pictures

Cinematography by: Frank Kesson
Assistant Director: Henry Blanke

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: April 9, 1927