~Mary Miles Minter~

Born: April 1, 1902 in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
Died: August 4, 1984 in Santa Monica, California, USA
~Los Angeles Times~
August 11, 1984
Mary Miles Minter was one of the golden girls of silent pictures, whose career was cut short by the
unsolved 1922 murder of her director and lover. She died in obscurity, decades from the scenes of
her triumphs and tragedies.

The onetime rival to Mary Pickford, for her portrayals of innocent young girls cast asunder in seas of
materialism and lechery, was 82 and had suffered a stroke weeks before her death.

From 1912 to 1923, Minter made about 50 pictures, none of them remembered today, but all cast in
the mode popular in the early 20th century— the "good girl" facing decisions of the flesh and spirit
with a male villian lurking nearby, quick to take advantage of any vacillations.

What drove her from the screen and into the relative seclusion of a successful real estate career was
the murder of William Desmond Taylor, the much older film director whom, she said, she loved all
her life.

Taylor was found shot to death on Feb. 1, 1922. Minter was never charged with any crime.
Newspapers of both that day and today speculated that her ambitious and possessive mother may
have been responsible.

— Burt A. Folkart in the Los Angeles Times Aug. 11, 1984
~Silent Filmography~
A Sainted Devil (1924) .. Still Code: 661-X
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1923) .... June Tolliver
Drums of Fate (1923) .... Carol Dolliver
The Cowboy and the Lady (1922) .... Jessica Westoon
South of Suva (1922) .... Phyllis Latimer
The Heart Specialist (1922) .... Rosalie Beckwith
Tillie (1922) .... Tillie Getz
Her Winning Way (1921) .... Ann Annington
Moonlight and Honeysuckle (1921) .... Judith Baldwin
Don't Call Me Little Girl (1921) .... Jerry
The Little Clown (1921) .... Pat
All Souls' Eve (1921) .... Alice Heath/Nora O'Hallahan
Eyes of the Heart (1920) .... Laura
Sweet Lavender (1920) .... Lavender
A Cumberland Romance (1920) .... Easter Hicks
... aka Romance of the Cumberland
Jenny Be Good (1920) .... Jenny Riano
Nurse Marjorie (1920) .... Lady Marjorie Killonan
Judy of Rogue's Harbor (1920) .... Judy

Anne of Green Gables (1919) .... Anne Shirley
Yvonne from Paris (1919) .... Yvonne Halbert
A Bachelor's Wife (1919) .... Mary O'Rourke
The Intrusion of Isabel (1919) .... Isabel Trevor
The Amazing Impostor (1919) .... Joan Hope
Onze filmsterren (1919)
Wives and Other Wives (1918) .... Robin Challoner
Rosemary Climbs the Heights (1918) .... Rosemary Van Voort
The Eyes of Julia Deep (1918) .... Julia Deep
The Ghost of Rosy Taylor (1918) .... Rhoda Eldridge Sayles
Social Briars (1918) .... Iris Lee
A Bit of Jade (1918) .... Phyllis King
Powers That Prey (1918) .... Sylvia Grant
Beauty and the Rogue (1918) .... Roberta Lee
The Mate of the Sally Ann (1917) .... Sally
... aka Peggy Rebels (USA: reissue title)
Peggy Leads the Way (1917) .... Peggy Manners
Her Country's Call (1917) .... Jess Slocum
Charity Castle (1917) .... Charity
Somewhere in America (1917) .... Rose Dorgan
Melissa of the Hills (1917) .... Melissa Stark
Periwinkle (1917) .... Periwinkle
Annie-for-Spite (1917) .... Annie Johnson
Environment (1917) .... Liz Simpkins
The Gentle Intruder (1917) .... Sylvia
Innocence of Lizette (1916) .... Lizette
A Dream or Two Ago (1916) .... Millicent Hawthorne
Faith (1916) .... Faith
... aka The Virtuous Outcast
Dulcie's Adventure (1916) .... Dulcie
Youth's Endearing Charm (1916) .... Mary Wade
... aka Youth's Melting Pot
Lovely Mary (1916) .... Mary Lane
Dimples (1916) .... Dimples
Rose of the Alley (1916) .... Nell Drogan
Barbara Frietchie (1915) .... Barbara, Mrs. Frietchie's granddaughter
Emmy of Stork's Nest (1915) .... Emmy Garrett
Always in the Way (1915) .... Dorothy North
The Fairy and the Waif (1915) .... Viola Drayton, the Fairy
The Nurse (1912/I) (as Juliet Shelby)