~Mary McAllister~

Born: May 27, 1909 in Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: May 1, 1991 in Del Mar, California, USA
In films from early childhood, Mary McAllister became famous as "the First Baby Star of the Films,"
appearing in such Essanay productions as an early version of Elmer Rice's On Trial (1917) and Pants
(1917). In the latter, her favorite film, she was very Mary Pickford-ish as a little rich girl
masquerading as a boy. When Essanay folded in 1918, McAllister returned to school and eventually
graduated from the famous Hollywood High. She embarked on a grown-up career performing in
Henrik Ibsen's The Wild Duck on-stage in Los Angeles and then obtained the ingénue lead in a
Norma Shearer film. The highlight of McAllisters' otherwise uninspiring adult screen career came
with The Waning Sex (1926), in which she attempted to vamp the stoic Conrad Nagel. She earned a
1927 WAMPAS Baby Star title for her efforts but returned to the legitimate stage after the
changeover to sound.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
Loves of an Actress (1928) .... Lisette
Into No Man's Land (1928) .... Katherine Taggart
... aka The Secret Lie (UK)
The Devil's Skipper (1928) .... Marie La Farge
Wickedness Preferred (1928) .... Babs Burton
Singed (1927) .... Amy Cardigan
Fire and Steel (1927) .... Ann McGreagor
The Midnight Watch (1927) .... Rose Denton
The Man in the Shadow (1926) .... Lucy Rodman
One Minute to Play (1926) .... Sally Rogers
The Waning Sex (1926) .... Mary Booth
The Sap (1926) .... Janet
Ace of Spades (1925) .... Olive Heath
The Red Rider (1925) .... Lucille Cavanagh
... aka The Open Trail
The Boomerang (1925) .... Grace Tyler
A Roaring Adventure (1925) .... Gloria Carpenter
The Measure of a Man (1924) .... Pattie Batch
All's Swell on the Ocean (1924)
Ashes of Vengeance (1923) .... Denise
Half a Chance (1920) .... Jocelyn Wray, 10 years old

Sadie Goes to Heaven (1917) (as Little Mary McAlister) .... Sadie
The Kill-Joy (1917) (as Mary McAlister) .... Billie
Young Mother Hubbard (1917) (as Mary McAlister) .... Mona
Pants (1917) .... Betty
The Kingdom of Hope (1917) (as Little Mary McAlister) .... Daisy Erling
The Bridge of Fancy (1917)
The Little White Girl (1917)
The Season of Childhood (1917) .... Tessie Holden
The Uneven Road (1917)
When Sorrow Weeps (1917)
Where Is My Mother? (1917)
A Place in the Sun (1917)
The Yellow Umbrella (1917)
On Trial (1917) (as Little Mary McAlister) .... Doris Strickland
The Wonderful Event (1917)
Steps to Somewhere (1917)
The Guiding Hand (1917)
Do Children Count? (1917) .... Little Mary
The Little Missionary (1917)
The Little Shoes (1917) (as Mary McAlister) .... Rosiland Arloff, age 10
Unto the Least of These (1916)
Borrowed Sunshine (1916)
Despair (1915)
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