~Mary MacLaren~

Born: January 19, 1896 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: November 9, 1985 in Hollywood, California, USA
The sister of silent screen star Katherine MacDonald and a former photographer's model, blonde
Mary MacLaren had danced in the Broadway revue The Passing Show of 1914 before making her
screen debut in 1916. A favorite of pioneering woman director Lois Weber, MacLaren starred as the
poor working girl in Shoes (1916) and was Marie Walcamp's maid in the anti-abortion drama Where
Are My Children (1916). For another early woman director, Ida May Park, MacLaren played an
actress betrayed by a Broadway wolf and reduced to living in squalor in the evocative Bread (1918)
and she was a regal Anne of Austria in Fairbanks' The Three Musketeers (1921). Like most of her
contemporaries, MacLaren's career waned in the 1920s and she was reduced to minor roles after
the changeover to sound. After playing scores of maids, nurses and dowagers, MacLaren left films
around 1948 to travel with her husband, a British military officer. Sadly, when she resurfaced in the
1970s, a newspaper reporter discovered her living in abject poverty in her once palatial Hollywood
home. MacLaren's tragic story was widely reported and in her final years she became a popular
guest at various silent screen revivals.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
The Dark Swan (1924) .... Mary Robinson
... aka The Black Swan
The Courageous Coward (1924) .... Jerry Luther
The Uninvited Guest (1924) .... Irene Carlton
Under the Red Robe (1923) .... Anne of Austria
On the Banks of the Wabash (1923) .... Yvonne
Outcast (1922) .... Valentine Moreland
The Face in the Fog (1922) .... Mary Dawson
Across the Continent (1922) .... Louise Fowler
The Three Musketeers (1921) .... Queen Anne of Austria
The Wild Goose (1921) .... Diana Manneers
The Road to Divorce (1920) .... Mary Bird
The Forged Bride (1920) .... Peggy
Rouge and Riches (1920) .... Becky

The Pointing Finger (1919) .... Mary Murphy
Bonnie Bonnie Lassie (1919) .... Alisa Graeme
The Petal on the Current (1919) .... Stella Schump
... aka A Mothers Child (USA)
The Weaker Vessel (1919) .... Abby Hopkins
The Unpainted Woman (1919) .... Gudrun Trygavson
The Amazing Wife (1919) .... Cicely Osborne
Creaking Stairs (1919) .... 'Dearie' Lane
Secret Marriage (1919) .... Mary MacLaren
The Vanity Pool (1918) .... Marna Royal
Bread (1918/I) .... Candace Newby
A Model's Confession (1918) .... Iva Seldon
... aka The Model's Confession
The Plow Woman (1917) .... Mary MacTavish
Money Madness (1917) .... Ethel Fuller
The Mysterious Mrs. Musslewhite (1917) .... Phyllis Woodman
... aka The Mysterious Mrs. M.
Her Bargain (1917) .... Irma Stanton
Wanted: A Home (1916) .... Mina Rogers
Idle Wives (1916) .... Molly
Saving the Family Name (1916) .... Estelle Ryan
Shoes (1916) .... Eva Meyer
Where Are My Children? (1916) (uncredited) .... Walton's Maid