~Marooned Hearts~
~Plot Synopsis~
Spoiled Marion Ainsworth resents the fact that her fiancé, Dr. Paul Carrington, a young surgeon
rising rapidly in his profession, devotes more time to his work than to her. Consequently, when an
emergency call from the hospital threatens to disrupt their picnic, Marion intercepts the message,
causing Carrington to be late for a critical operation, thus ruining his career. On the advice of his
friend Dr. Matthews, Carrington breaks his engagement and voyages to a South Sea island where he
intends to carry on his research. Carrington is reported lost at sea, and a year later, Marion and her
new suitor, Cyrus Carter, undertake a cruise to verify the doctor's death. En route, their yacht
explodes, and Marion is washed ashore on the island where Carrington is now living. After a series of
misadventures, Carrington forgives her and the couple returns to civilization together.

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Directed by: George Archainbaud

Written by: Lewis Allen Browne

Conway Tearle ...  Dr. Paul Carrington
Zena Keefe ...  Marion Ainsworth
Ida Darling ...  Mrs. Ainsworth
Tom Blake ...  Peter Harkins
Eric Mayne ...  Cyrus Carter
George Backus ...  Dr. Matthews
Joseph Flanagan ...  Butler
Lavilla Siebert ...  High Diver
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: National Picture Theatres Inc.

Distribution Company: Select Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Jules Cronjager

Length: 5-6 Reels
Released: September 20, 1920