~Marie, Ltd.~
~A-B-13-9: Leslie Austen, Alice Brady, Gladys Valerie~
~S25-1: Frank Losse, Josephine Whittell, Alice Brady & Gladys Valerie~
~S25-4: Gladys Valerie, Leslie Austen & Alice Brady~
~(At Right) Gertrude Hillman, Gladys Valerie & Alice Brady~
~Gertrude Hillman, Alice Brady & Gladys Valerie~
~Gladys Valerie, Gertrude Hillman & Alice Brady~
~Gladys Valerie, Gertrude Hillman & Alice Brady~
~Unknown, Gladys Valerie, Gertrude Hillman & Unknown~
~Unknown, Unknown, Gladys Valerie, Gertrude Hillman, Unknown, Alice Brady &
Leslie Austen~
~Plot Synopsis~
After growing up in the West with her father, Drina Hilliard (Alice Brady) finishes college, and
travels to New York, where her mother Marie (Mrs. Gertrude Hillman) runs a profitable Fifth
Avenue millinery shop. On the way, she meets the handsome Blair Carson (Leslie Austen), but the
budding love affair gets sidetracked as Drina begins working for her mother. Marie has been running
a petty scam -- when a man buys a hat for his wife or sweetheart, she overcharges him and splits the
difference with the woman. Drina objects to this, but is powerless to change it. The biggest customer
at Marie, Ltd. is Colonel Lambert (Frank Losse), who buys hats for a bevy of chorus girls. Lambert
has his eye on Drina, and her mother encourages the match, but Drina makes it clear she is not at all
interested in him. After Drina sees Blair with Zelie (Gladys Valerie), a show girl whom the colonel
has cast off, and realizes that Marie, now ill, is on the verge of bankruptcy, Drina nearly accepts the
colonel's proposal, when Blair appears and confesses his love. Marie vows to run her store
legitimately, and the colonel and Zelie console one another over their losses.

Plot Synopsis is a combination of Plot Synopsis' from allmovie.com & afi.com.
Directed by: Kenneth S. Webb

Written by: Jane Murfin - scenario

Based on the story "Marie, Ltd." by Louise Winter (publication

Alice Brady ...  Drina Hilliard
Frank Losee ...  Col. Lambert
Leslie Austin ...  Blair Carson
Gertrude Hillman ...  Marie Hilliard
Josephine Whittell ...  Adelaide
Gladys Valerie ...  Zelie
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Select Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Al Liguori

Length: 5 Reels
Released: March 23, 1919
~Gladys Valerie, Leslie Austen, Alice Brady & Frank Losee~