Directed by: Robert Z. Leonard         

Written by:
Joseph Farnham - titles
Laurence Stallings   
Gladys Unger     
Dale Van Every - screenplay & story

Marion Davies ... Marianne
Oscar Shaw ... Stagg
Fred Solm ... André
Robert Ames ... Soapy
Scott Kolk ... Lieutenant Frane
Emile Chautard ... Père Joseph
Mack Swain ... General
Oscar Apfel ... Major
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Cosmopolitan Productions for MGM

Distribution Company: MGM

Cinematography by: Oliver T. Marsh
Film Editing by: James C. McKay & Basil Wrangell
Art Direction by: Cedric Gibbons
Costumes by: Adrian
Sound Recording Engineer: Douglas Shearer

Length: 7 Reels
Released: August 24, 1929
~Plot Synopsis~
Marianne, a fresh and bubbly French heroine, runs an inn and also a nursery in a small French town
during the World War. Separated from her childhood sweetheart, André, she promises to wait for
him. Her town is partially destroyed, and a company of American soldiers is quartered there,
awaiting orders to return home. Fond of a pig about to be slaughtered, Marianne claims it as a pet
and goes through much to save it from becoming bacon, in the process captivating Private Stagg, who
is put in the stockade for trying to rescue the porcine object of her affections from a ravenous
lieutenant. Marianne and Stagg fall in love but are reconciled to parting when André returns home
blinded, and Stagg ships off for home. She soon perceives that André is in love with his nurse and,
gathering up her quartet of war orphans, leaves for America and her man.

Note: Sound and silent versions of Marianne featured some cast members who were in both versions,
while others only appeared in one of the versions. The sound version became actress Marion Davies'
first talking picture. She and Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards both sang in the film as well. Available
reviews only credited the cast of the sound picture.  

Plot Synopsis & note from afi.com
~427-34: Marion Davies~
~427-422: Lawrence Gray & Marion Davies~
~Lawrence Gray & Marion Davies~