~Marian Murray~
Marian Murray is an actress, known for The Trail of the Lost Chord (1913), A Traitor to Art (1916)
and The Dixie Winner (1916).

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~Silent Filmography~
The Fable of What Transpires After the Wind-Up (1917)
The Sinful Marriage (Short) (1917) ... Marion (as Marion Lydston)
The Greater Obligation (Short) (1916) ... Mrs. Roger Willard (as Marion Lydston)
A Traitor to Art (Short) (1916) ... Pancha (as Marion Lydston)
Fool's Gold (Short) (1916) ... Lois Bedford - Judson's Accomplice
Orphan Joyce (Short) (1916) ... Mrs. MasonThe Dixie Winner (1916) .... Joyce's Mother
The Bridesmaid's Secret (1916) .... Muriel Carroll - John's Fiancée
The Birthday Present (1914)
... aka Her Birthday Present (USA)
The Carbon Copy (1914/I) .... Allen's sister
The Money Lender (1914/II)
Fate's Round-Up (1913)
Where the Road Forks (1913)
Armed Intervention (1913)
A Divorce Scandal (1913)
The Trail of the Lost Chord (1913)
Martha's Decision (1913)
Taming a Cowboy (1913)
Red Sweeney's Defeat (1913)
The Poisoned Chop (1913)